What’s A Bad Day Look Like

When you think you’ve had a bad day…

I hope it’s  not as bad as being 90 years old and having a group of people sit in your house and tell you you can not live there any more.  And no matter what anyone says you don’t understand, at all.

I hope it’s  not as bad as being 60 years old, having cancer, and knowing you are going to die alone unless the person you’re talking to can convince the one person you think loves you, to come see you.

I hope it’s  not as bad as telling a complete stranger you have no money because you gave it all to your family and you may lose everything you have.   Then try to convince the total stranger that your family is very good and please don’t judge them.

I hope it’s  not as bad as being one of the people that all of these people are looking at.

Sometimes a bad day looks like somebody.   And I don’t like looking like someone’s bad day.

But I do…….look just like someone else’s bad day.

I do what I do because it needs done.  I am entrusted to do the right thing by other people.  By other people’s values.   Not my values.  I have to know what to do for someone else by that person’s values.   Even if those values leave them neglected.   Leave them alone.   Leave them sad.  I have to do what legally can or can not  be done, not what ethically and morally should or should not be done.   I do what I do knowing I appear as a threat.  I do what I do knowing I instill fear, intended or not.   I do what I do because as a sad state of our existence we have hundreds of people being abused.   And sometimes, even worse, ignored.

I do what I do knowing the good I do.   And knowing that people need help.   And I do what I do because it’s the right thing to do.  Whether it’s easy or not.

But sometimes….

Sometimes I look in the mirror and see that I look like someone else’s bad day.

My day will end with me being home.   My home.  My life is good.  My family loves me.  My family is not hurting me.  My family is not neglecting me.   My day will end with gratitude for all of my blessings.    My day will end, with me closing my eyes, resting in the comfort of my sanity and my home.   While someone else closes their eyes picturing a very bad day, and it looks like me.

6 thoughts on “What’s A Bad Day Look Like

  1. Whether the realize it or not, or even care, you are there to help. Sometimes people want help, but don’t want to change what they need to change to get help. Just don’t loose sight of all those who you have helped in the past. And know that there are many more out there needing, wanting your help.


    • Oh I don’t lose sight. I know my mission at work. But sometimes thoughts just occur to me. Today…when I had so many looking at me, I realized I sometimes look like a bad day. Nothing can be done to avoid that. It’s just the way it is.


  2. Oh shitty days, Colleen. Where WOULD we be without them? In my world, they make a hot bath with bath salts at the end of the day 10 times more enjoyable 🙂


    • I do appreciate the shitty days pointing out how good the other days are. And, exactly, why would one need a relaxing bath if not for the bad day? 🙂


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