Letters Of Love

There is nothing like getting a love letter.

I don’t mean a text:  iluvu.

I don’t mean an email:  hey, can you pick up some bananas and coffee on your way home?  Thanks.  Love you.  me.

I mean a handwritten letter.  On paper.   Folded neatly and placed in a hand written and addressed envelope.   Someone goes to the trouble to go to the post office.  Buy a stamp.  Put the stamp on the envelope and put the envelope in the mail.   The mailman/woman/person retrieves said letter from the box.  They process it.   They take it from Point A (place being mailed from) to Point B (place being mailed to).    Letter is separated in to the proper delivery pile and placed in a mailman/woman/person’s mail bag.

Mailman/woman/person hoists bag upon their shoulder.   Tromps up and down the streets placing the mail in the appropriately placed, properly maintained mail receptacle.

Receptacle owner opens mailbox and pulls out the mail.  Any more it seems the only thing retrieved are bills, fliers, political crap, and advertisements.   Occasional invitations.   Seldom is the receptacle owner going to get the old fashioned letter.  Let alone a love letter.

Sad when you think about it.  Email is great.   It serves our need for instant, immediate, communication.   Because as we all know, what we have to say to one another in 2012 is much  more important and urgent than what we had to say to one another in say….1995 or earlier.

Funny thing is, I bet the communication we had prior to email, text and internet magic was much more valued.

Like the love letter I received today.   Totally unexpected.   Totally valued and cherished already.

From Grace O’Malley to Mamo.  Her rendition of her little self, with me and my spiky hair.   I suspect the “gold” high lights are representative of either the aura she sees around me. …..   or she didn’t have silver.   You know, for my silver hair.  No, it’s not grey.

I not only cherish the letter.

I cherish the little child who sat and thought of me while she drew this.   And I cherish the mother who put in a little extra effort to surprise me.

What’s not to love about this letter.    A wonderful letter of love.