Child:  mom it hurts when I do this!

Mom:   don’t do that!


Child:  brother won’t stop looking at me!

Mom:  you don’t know he’s looking at you unless you’re looking at him.


Child:  but why can’t I?

Mom:  because I said so.  That’s why.


Mom:  Patrick!  James!  Heather!   Tara!

Child:  no response because the right name wasn’t used.

Mom:  DAMNIT!  You know who you are!


Mom:  let’s say grace.

Eight Children:   “grace”

Mom:  that’s not funny.


Mom:  be nice to your brothers and sisters.  One day they will be the best friends you have!

Child:  yeah…right (muttered under breath with back turned)


Mom:  hug your brother.

Child:   gross!


Child:  you’re a PIG!

Other child:   Mom!!!!  Brother/sister called me a pig!

Mom:  go stand in front of the mirror and say one hundred times “I am a pig”

Other child standing in front of the mirror:   “I am not (whispered) a pig”

Mom:   I can hear you!


Mom:  get ready for church!

Child:  I am !

Mom:  for God’s sake don’t sit anywhere near me in church I don’t want anyone to know your my child dressed like that!


Mom:   Colleen  child go to the store and get a head of lettuce.  NOT CABBAGE.  Lettuce.   NOT CABBAGE.  You ALWAYS get cabbage.

Colleen Child returning from the store:  handing Mom what is definitely  lettuce.

Mom:  absently taking lettuce from Colleen’s child’s hands.   Looks at the definitely head of lettuce and drops her head:  oh my God it’s cabbage.


Child:   “uh…….”

Mom:   “damnit”  with sad drop of the exasperated head.


Mom:   happy birthday!

Colleen Child:  thanks for having me!

Mom:  it was my pleasure!

Colleen Child:  really?



Happy Mother’s Day.

I love you.

Mom:  oh!  you didn’t need to do anything!

Happy Mother’s Day Mom.

And to everyone who’s Mom is watching over them…. God bless and I hope you all laugh at some of your mom’s momism’s!

12 thoughts on “Mom-isms

  1. Happy Mother’s Day!
    PS Following my blog via WP gets you nowhere…I do not show up in the reader. You can RSS or email (it is only once a day…at best).


        • Oh my! Good luck! I was going to suggest writing that in a post….but if they aren’t getting the post they think they already signed up for. I *sigh* with you.


            • I know, I took the ‘easy’ way and when I went to look for you I went through the new button on our toolbar that gives us an orange number indicator and clicked “follow” next to your name. Geez we just keep getting lazier! 😦


  2. Happy Mother’s Day! I don’t remember if my mom had any “momisms”, but she used to follow me around and bitch when she was mad at me. I also knew that I was in serious trouble when she used my first AND middle names.


    • There must be a law that mom’s use both names when angry at the children. My mom did it. I did/do it. I hope you had a great day!!!!


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