The Last Picture Is The Best

Ah…. family.

Who better to laugh at with?

You should all know that often I am “teased” about my health habits by my much much older siblings.  But at a family gathering last week it was decided we would bring up the ingredients to make everyone green smoothies for our Mother’s Day Get Together.  To go along with the pizza and other healthy stuff we would be having.

So we went armed with bananas, frozen grapes, oranges, spinach and kale.  To celebrate Mother’s Day.   What better way  to say Mom, I Love You- then with a bunch of kale.   Nothing, if you really love your mom.

And we made green smoothies.  Knowing full well there would be doubters.

Say what you want, but this is delicious stuff!!


This one believes in me:

Two of these trust me:

This one is just using her ‘brave’ face (I don’t believe it for a minute):

The moment of truth:

Don’t worry, we gave her the heimlich maneuver and she was fine.  Kidding!  She is pretend gagging on the green smoothie!!!!!

Do you see the excitement in the eyes above ?   She loved it.

He had total faith in me and downed it with gusto.  Faith appreciated.   The other one is a doubter.

Do not let this picture deceive you.  The one on the left LOVED it.  The one on the right drove to the grocery store after our get together to buy green smoothie stuff.  The one in the middle totally dissed me.   Whatev’s.

Honestly, the main purpose of this post is to put up this one picture.  Because she is my absolute favorite person of the day.   How can you not love someone who does this for you:

Happy Healthy Mother’s Day.  I hope your’s was fun and fabulous.   With wonderful family moments of ridiculousness.


13 thoughts on “The Last Picture Is The Best

  1. I finally watched that show. I am intrigued and working up to trying it for at least a couple of days. things are crazy right now but when are they not. Hope to see you tomorrow CB. Happy Mother’s day!


  2. Should post up some of your favorite smoothie recipes and how they are prepared. You never know.. might make a believer out of me. 😀


    • I might just do that! And I am going to accept that challenge, making you a believer, that is!!! 🙂 You will be as surprised as some of those family members who initially said they would not like it.


  3. haha! I couldn’t wait to read your blog today….I knew this would be on it-just was wondering what the story would be =) forever in cyberspace with green smoothie on my teeth =P


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