I Can Do That

My summer is starting to take shape.  I really don’t know what that means.  I think I mean my calendar is starting to fill up.   So far there are two physical activity related dates spoken for.  I hadn’t planned on filling my summer with physical challenges.  But since there are two already on the calendar maybe this is the year for it.

The first activity is a Color Run.  I never heard of it and in a 24 hour period I saw an advertisement for it, I had a friend email me that she was signed up for her first 5K at a Color Run, and my niece asked for volunteers to run this 5K with her.  My daughter then asked me to run it with her since she was running it with her cousin, my niece.

How do I say no?  Why would I say no?   I have “run” 5K before.  Never in a “race”.  Though I think the Color Run is more about fun, we will still be running with lots of people who will also be running.  I figure there will be some racing.   My race goal will be:   do not come in last.   Unless there is someone else who would be heart broken if they came in last.   Then I will come in last so they won’t feel bad.

The second event is the Tour De Cause.  It’s a good reason to go for a bike ride.   Any reason to ride a bike is a good reason.  But this reason is to help others.   Anything done to help get rid of this God awful drug problem is something worth doing.  So I will ride my bike on a very hot day in July with a bunch of others who want to get rid of this problem.  And by getting rid of this problem, there will be an awful lot of families helped.

And now I’m reading a book about a record breaking ride across the Great Divide.   And I got to thinking…..

Could I?

Why wouldn’t I?

Should I?

Why shouldn’t I?

I can certainly dream it, entertain it….

Maybe I can talk Husband in to a self supported bike ride this summer across ….something.   Even if it isn’t the Great Divide.   We can make it a ride across something.  Like, the state, or half of the state.  It seems a pittance next to the challenge of a ride from Canada to Mexico.   But if I can run 3 miles through a bunch of people throwing colors on me, and I can ride 40 miles with no problems (I greatly underexaggerate this ability) ….   Then why could I not do something as fabulous as this.   That’s right.   There is no reason why I couldn’t.  In my head being able to do one translates in to being able to do anything.  Right?  Riding 100 miles in a day means I could ride almost 2800 miles.   Right?   It does, in my head anyway.

I suppose, first, I have to run that 5K and ride that 40 miles.    Then I’ll cross the country or something like that.   I can do that.

6 thoughts on “I Can Do That

    • Thank you Chanel! I have been “running” off and on for almost a year. But did not intend to be a joiner in any events. But…I have a hard time saying no to fun. 🙂 Good luck with your run too!! I hope to read about it.


  1. If you haven’t already, watch the documentary “Ride the Divide”. It’s documents the ride of a few cyclists that tackle the Great Divide. After watching it, like you. I was ready to pack my bike up to Canada and give it a go. We can reach for the stars, can’t we?


    • My husband just watched it. But I won’t let myself watch it until I finish the book. We can dream. But I am close to delusional thinking we can actually do it!!!! 🙂


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