Excuse Me You Are Rude

Do you ever catch yourself watching others talk? You’re kind of zoned and not even really paying attention.  Or you don’t think you are.  Then you realize, that without intending to do so, you are eavesdropping.  And you’ve heard every word they’ve said.   But you just can’t help yourself.   And even once you have that guilty thought that you shouldn’t be listening….you continue to anyway.

Until they look at you with that look.  You’re busted.   And you know it.   That “uhm, excuse me, this is a private conversation, do you mind?” look.

It can be quite humiliating.

You kind of hope to be invited in to the conversation.   You think you might have something of value to add.   And you just do one of those sheepish (and stupid looking) half grins with a slight lift of your shoulders.   You kind of anticipate them saying….”what do you think?”

Instead….they just keep looking at you.

And their expression tells you everything:    Excuse me, but you are being very rude.

Then you kind of feel stupid, and small, and want to slink off.

Yeah, they busted me.

13 thoughts on “Excuse Me You Are Rude

  1. I always feel that public location conversations are like posting on the “wall” of your FaceBook page. You put it out there for am intended audience, but you need to accept that anyone with the correct permissions can read every word. There is a reason for Private Messaging and a time for private conversations. If they don’t make the provisions and proxy makes you privy, they can piss off.


  2. LOL!!! That is exactly what they look like they are thinking! You would have won a “guess the caption” contest here!! So cute if I do say so myself!!!


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