A Party In My Heart

I wrote this last year to celebrate “Ay Mayteenth”.

I can’t say it any better this year.

Happy Ay Mayteenth everyone!


I remember the moment I first learned about her.   My daughter called me as my coworker and I parked on a street to go in to an investigation.   We sat in the car while I took the call.   She said “mom, don’t ask me any questions, please, but I need to talk to you.   Can we come out tomorrow.”

I honored her request and didn’t ask anything.  But I looked at my coworker and told her “my daughter is pregnant”.

The next night my daughter only confirmed what I already knew.

And my life changed.

I remember the very first time I saw her.   The other grandma, hence forth known as “Nana” and I accompanied my daughter to the ultrasound.

And that moment when her little self was shown to us my world expanded.

And my life changed.

I remember the day she was born.   All the families, my family, Nana’s family, all of us were up at 3 a.m. to go to the hospital.   To celebrate her arrival.

None of us knew her name before her birth.    When her father came out to tell us she had arrived  and her name was presented to us the name echoed in my old soul.  A queen’s name.  A queen’s life.   Queen Grace O’Malley.  I coronated her that very moment.

And my life changed.

Tomorrow is AY MAYTEENTH.   I celebrate it with nothing buy joy in my heart and gladness in my spirit.

A grand day for a grand baby.

A day like none other.   A day that no other person owns like she does.   Ay Mayteenth.   Her day.   Her very own day.

I thank God for that day.

And I thank Him for changing my life.

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