Some Days Are Better Than Others

Let’s face it, some days just are better than others.

I don’t care how much I scrutinized or break up the bits of today I don’t think it’s possible for me to find one single thing to complain about.  How many days do we get like that in a life time?   Okay.  To be honest, I get quite a few.

So why not share them.   And celebrate them.

Money necklaces.  Come on, who couldn’t/wouldn’t enjoy that?

Makeovers.   That’s right.  I said it.  Makeovers.   It wasn’t the makeup part I loved.  It was the lovely little hand attached to it.  It’s not everyone I would allow to do this.  Or enjoy having it done for.   But for her…no complaints at all.

When your day is decorated with drooping baby cheeks, how could you possibly complain?

When you have to prepare the menu, nay! feast to celebrate someone’s special day….you will get no complaints from me when the guest of honor picks hotdogs, Doritos, Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, and mashed potatoes as the feast.  Ice cream cake?  Certainly seems appropriate.   Especially when DQ messes up your order and gives you a second ice cream cake for free.   Could life be any simpler or better  than a child’s choice of gourmet foods?

When small children have mini beating bats golf clubs and not one other small child gets clobbered and every small child is sharing willingly and joyfully,  it’s a happy day indeed.

When life is full of new and exciting things to explore than it is a very good day indeed.

When your most important task of the day is to be loved and to love…. there is no task.

Certainly no complaints.

And a day better than most.