If you have a weakness and someone else tempts you terribly are they horrible for tempting you or are you weak for giving in to their temptation?

What I mean is…

If I have a weakness and Husband tempts me and I give in, is he being horrible or am I being weak.

Okay.   We went on a 51 mile bike ride.  Approximately half way, though not quite because on the way back he got us lost so what should have been half way was not, he suggests we stop at the Purple Monkey.

Any self respecting bike trail that spans a distance of ten miles or more will have a Purple Monkey type establishment on it’s sidelines.  It can go by any name but it must, above all else, serve ice cream.   It’s been a long standing rule of thumb of ours that long bike rides mean ice cream at the end of the ride.  But since I’ve been trying to cut out the bulk of processed foods in my diet and get rid of the diet pop addiction I have had, ice cream stops and fast food stops have been nearly cut out of our lives.   Not completely, just nearly.

We stopped at what should have been our half way point and talked with another couple out doing a long ride today.   I was pretty impressed with her.  She had surgery on her foot in January, her first run (before her doctor said she could) was 8 miles, because it felt good.  She has scoliosis and has had numerous surgeries.  Yesterday she ran a half marathon.  She was my extra dose of inspiration for today.  I told her I admire her.  She smiled.   Today they were going to ride at least 40 miles.  When we were parting company Husband says “we should stop at the Purple Monkey”.   I said okay and asked if he was going to get something to eat.   He looked at me funny and said “I’m at least going to get something to drink”.   I said okay and hoped they had something I could get to drink.  It is wonderfully hot and sunny today and my two water bottles were half empty.  We rolled up the road to the Purple Monkey.  I walked in ahead of Husband.  It was a restaurant slash ice cream joint kind of place.  I scanned the long room as I walked to the back to the counter to see if there were coolers with water and/or tea bottles.   No, there wasn’t.  I walked to the counter which is actually an ice cream display and what’s the first thing I see?  Frozen peanut butter in chocolate ice cream.  Corrupted.   Corruption complete.  I turned around passing Husband as he came in and said “get me one small scoop of my ice cream in a cup” and went out to sit with the bikes.

I. Am. Weak.

But.  He.  Corrupted.  Me.

It’s a sunny day!

But.  I.   Am.   Okay.   With.  That.

The day ended with me eating two energy bars, a diet coke, “healthy” chips and pistachios.

But I did have two green smoothies.

I would like this sculpture for my yard please.