He’s Happy And I Know It.

It’s been a very difficult week in our world. Within the week we have seen suffering and comfort, both ends of the scale, hopefully there will some day be a balance between the two. To help set to right this off kilter world. I don’t know if it can, but I hope so.

I am sure that many of you can relate to the total dispair you have at watching someone else hurt. It’s a torment that does not near compare to the suffering you see. But it is sorrowful none the less.

This evening friends call us and ask us to come over. Hang out. Just be with them. A little bit more comfort.

Husband wants a sandwich. Though he likes the green smoothie’s of our world he still likes to get his junk food on.

We drive through Burger King.

No one in front of us. No one behind us. No one in the parking lot. Husband drives up to the window and orders his sandwich. I decline. Yay green smoothies! (But for full disclosure I will add that I had two bites of his grilled chicken sandwich. )

The man opens the window and collects Husband’s money. When he takes the money he says “God is good”. I wasn’t at first sure that’s what he said. He gives Husband the change. He again says “God is good”. I holler an “Amen” from the passenger seat. He closes the window. He opens the window and says “you folks want a water or anything while you’re waiting?” We thank him but say no, we have drinks. He closes the window again.

The window opens again and he says “there’s nothing going on in here so I’ll talk to you folks”. We said okay! He said again “God is good”. He told us four months ago he was unemployeed and three weeks ago on the same day he got two job offers. And he accepted them both. We both told him that was wonderful. His tone was pleasant. It wasn’t prideful or boastful. It was full of gratitude and joy. He seemed genuinely happy to have a job to go to every morning and a job to go to every afternoon.

He praised the Lord a couple of more times. And we talked about his job here. He likes it. We talked about the business (we have family who are the King’s loyal subjects).

I liked the fact that he didn’t just close the window and stand there idly while he waited for the sandwich to be done. He offered to get us a drink and a little kindness with it. He engaged his customers. He did so pleasantly and softly. I wasn’t threatened by his proclamations. I was encouraged by them. He was grateful and he shared it. He was willing to work and put a little extra effort in to customer service (I will go back solely because of him). He has a positive belief and he shared it.

He was happy and he shared it.

And it felt good to hear that.

13 thoughts on “He’s Happy And I Know It.

  1. What an awesome experience. It seems that anymore, a job is a source of contention in someone’s life, so it’s wonderful to hear about it being a source of joy!


  2. Good for him for being grateful and for knowing who to thank! Two jobs in one day…he is blessed! Nice of you and Husband to listen. So often too many people want to whine and complain…it’s nice when a person has something positive to say! God is good!


    • He is good! šŸ™‚ I know, this gentleman was just a pleasant moment that I’m glad I was open to hearing.


    • Me too, and if I need a pick me up I’ll go there and get a “God Is Good” with side order of grilled chicken.


      • When you get a chance, stop by my place and leave a link to your blog in my Green Room. I am certain there are quite a few who would love stopping in here for a slice of life, hold the chicken šŸ˜‰


        • Thank you for the invite Red. I am amazed at the depth of your site. I’m having fun just going there and bouncing around to whatever catches my eye. And by the way, what a wonderful gift to other bloggers….you’re green room.


          • You are so very welcome. Yes, M3 has grown a lot in its first six months. And there are gobs of shiny things šŸ˜‰


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