No Jackassey Behavior

How close do we come every day?

I was at work.  Boss and I were out of the office on an investigation.

I got a call from Husband.  But I didn’t take it because we were still walking out of the place of investigation.   When I got in the car and Boss was driving I sent Husband a text and said I was just leaving.  He sent a text saying he was in a minor accident but everyone is okay.   I told Boss what he said and was getting ready to call him when he sent another text that said “I feel like such a shit”.

I called him immediately.  He was leaving a store.  When he looked left he saw a car coming.  And further down the road he saw a second car.  After the first car pulled past, he pulled out.

And there was a motorcycle.   The motorcyclist went in to a skid but plowed in to the driver’s side of Husband’s vehicle.  Motorcyclist was cussing.  Very appropriately.   But he apologized profusely to Husband.  Apparently when he skid on the wet ground he slid forward on to the gas tank.   “Racking himself”.  Causing some discomfort at least.

Husband was very shook up.   He didn’t even see the motorcyclist.  I know Husband to be a very cautious driver.  He said when the first car went by, there were cars parked up on the sidewalk of the road to his left.  The motorcyclist was on a “crotch rocket”.  It was wet and raining.   All things that added up to Husband not being able to see the low driving motorcyclist through or over the parked cars.   He saw the cars but the motorcyclist was lower than the tops of the parked cars  (which was actually a large grey van).   I point this out not to blame the motorcyclist at all.  Just to show how things add up, and make for unsafe situations.   If the road had been dry they both felt that he would have been able to stop the bike in time.   But since it was wet, he skidded, and the motorcyclist went right in to the Husband’s vehicle.

Husband kept telling the motorcyclist he rides bicycles, a lot.  We are constantly annoyed and in fear of people who disregard us, or as in this case, just don’t see us.

How scary.

I am so thankful the motorcyclist was not hurt.

I am so thankful Husband was not hurt.   Though he is very shook up.   The way they hit they were probably staring in to one another’s faces.

Of course the officer felt it necessary to give Husband a ticket.  Though he advised Husband he could “fight” it.  Husband did take pictures of the parked vehicles and the obstructed view of the road.   Interesting side note, the parked car owners all came out of their homes and moved the cars as Husband was taking pictures.   Now, they are not parked on the street at all.   The first person Husband told after telling me this, told Husband that he and his wife were nearly hit there doing the same thing.  Pulling out of the parking lot and not being able to see past the parked cars on the sidewalk.

The damage doesn’t look like much.  It’s a broken fender above the front tire.   And the piece above the fender is busted.  It’s one large piece so the whole thing will have to be replaced.

The nice part about this?  The motorcyclist and Husband were very civil to one another.   Motorcyclist understood that it was an accident.  Husband was not being careless or jackassey.   All of the pieces put together added up to something unpleasant happening.

Fortunately for everyone, no one was hurt.

Getting shook up was bad enough.