Coolest Parent

I’m a cooler parent than my siblings are.

First of all, I don’t make my kids brush their teeth.   Okay, wait, yes I do (did).   Which makes me cool anyway because they have healthy teeth.

I didn’t make them do chores.  Oh, yeah, well, I did that too.   But I only made them clean their rooms occasionally.  If they wanted to live like pigs the important thing was that I didn’t have to look at it.  So the rule was:  keep your door closed.

Well, then, the thing about me being the coolest parent was ….

Okay, there’s this…. I’m the mom, not the dad.  But I am the parent who threatened bodily harm to the boys who would call on the daughters.   And I meant it.

I’m the one who grabbed the saddle horn and jumped from the ground, no stirrup needed, to land in the saddle.   Horse trainer and rider trainer Bill was duly impressed.

I’m the one who cleaned up the contents of their stomachs after they spewed it everywhere when they were sick.  It takes one cool handed parent to do that.  And it wasn’t the dad.

I didn’t just say their prayers with them at night, I also sang them “Amazing Grace”.  I am quite certain they hold all singing up to that standard.   Can’t say I blame them.

I read them Fraggle Rock.   And their lives have been forever enhanced by that.

My brothers and sisters are all a lot more OCD than I am.  Okay, well some of them are.   And they don’t read my works of art blog anyway so I can say what I want about them.   All right.  Truth be told I have no idea which of us is the coolest parent.  I am pretty certain it’s me.  But their kids might think other wise.

The coolest thing about being a cool parent (redundancy appropriate) has to be that when they go and grow up on you, they look backwards and find things to laugh about.   Find things to respect you for.   And find things to thank you for.

And love you for all of it.

I guess the most important part is not being the cool parent, or whatever term you want to use, it’s about being the best parent.  A good parent.  A loving and involved parent.  Because they 1) need that and 2) will be ever so thankful to you when they become parents and have somewhat of an idea on what to do.

As parents.

Shall we talk about being a cool Mamo?