Be Jealous

Saturday nights.  Fun times.

Don’t we all look forward to our weekends (or midweeks…depending on your work schedule).

I know I do.   All week long I envision bike riding.  Kayaking.  And hanging out with friends and family doing nothing.



Ah.  The good things in life.

Brothers who will help fix your plumbing.

All weekend long.

Family who gets dirty and doesn’t complain.

And “let’s” you help so you stay relatively clean because you have to get to clean the upstairs.  But they know you feel left out so they put you to work as the “dumb labor”.

But you still stay clean.

am working here.  Doing what I am being told to do.  I can’t help it if it was a good photo-op for the blog.

You should be very jealous of the fun I had this weekend.

It’s not over.

You should all sign up to help.  You will not regret it.  It was as much fun as painting a fence.   Hey!  You can help with that next weekend!  Seriously I am pretty sure I will look back at this day with a little bit more love than Husband, Brothers and Sister In Law will.  I remember family help.  No worries because someone else knew exactly what to do.   And I helped (say that with a southern twang and think of chicken).

Seriously.   Be jealous.  It was a great day.

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