Today I Was A Pacer

I went for a run today.

My first outside run in months and months.  I’ve been sticking to the treadmill babying my wonkered left leg.

I ran my first two miles solo.  At one point the trail crosses a street.   As most of you know, people in cars always win against runners and bikers.  So I stopped at the intersection (though it is marked that I have the right of way-but right of way rights does me no good if I’m dead).  That’s when the high school track team caught up to me.  But only because of the stop.

I make sure the traffic is stopped on both sides before I allow the young men to cross with me.  We cross safely and I had the honor of pacing them.

They did good.

They hung with me, no complaining.   No grumbling or heaving of breath.

Good job boys!

That lasted for about 2 seconds as they all dropped to single file to pass me on the narrow trail.

I don’t think they fully grasp the concept of pacing.

I think I need to have a word with their coach.