Dear Social Media World

Specifically …. Facebook.

I went to “FB” as the cool kids like me refer to it and found you have chosen to to try and take control of my life.  Apparently you feel it necessary to tell me “Your friends haven’t seen a post from you for 2 days”.

I have a few things to explain to you…

You, FB, do not tell me what to do.

You, FB, do not determine when I have something to say.

You, FB, have no idea what you are talking about since I have posted, and commented often in the last 12 hours thanks to my niece posting wedding pictures, me trying to make plans with a friend I haven’t seen in years, and me releasing numerous posts that you decided to take upon yourself and lock my friends out of for the past two weeks.

I would like to remind you of something FB (please note the dripping sarcasm) you need me.  That’s right…

You do.  Fortunately for me I was born long before you and I know how to use a phone and write letters.  I know that you are a convenience, sometimes fun, sometimes beneficial tool.  You are not a necessity.   Do I like using you?  Yes, yes I do.

Do I like you suddenly “punishing” me because you think I have not “posted” often enough?  Even though you are wrong?  No, I don’t.  You have decided to tell me I have not posted to my friends, and yes again I want to point out you are wrong.  So you have decided to not allow me to see my page and what my friends are posting frivolously and joyfully.   You mock me by telling me I’m not sharing with my friends.

When I hit publish here at WordPress I’m not going to take the next step and publish this to you.   So there.  Take that.  I refuse to post just because you tell me I have to.

You, FB, need me and everyone like me to use you to benefit you.  I have started to see a new trend.  You know what that trend is?  People are turning you off, they are ‘deactivating’ you and returning to their lives.

I admit, I use you.  I use you and take advantage of you.  That is your purpose.  Your very existence was created for that sole purpose.  You need to be used and taken advantage of to survive.  You use to thrive when you were easily used and taken advantage of.   Now?  Now you have suddenly turned snobby, stuck up, and difficult to get along with.   As with most things in life, you have to get along to get along.

I fully realize you are a “free” service.  Though it is not free for us normal people to use.  We have to buy computers, we have to pay a monthly (costly) fee for internet service.  You make money off of us so don’t play all high and mighty about doing this as a favor to us.  You do realize we see the ads, right?  You know we know you make money, right?  And wasn’t there some big old news grabbing thing about stocks….

Thanks for the way things were.  It was fun.  And I did appreciate the service you provided.  But you are a computer program.  Despite your influence and mega existence, which I am also aware we helped propagate, you are not my life.   You just made sharing the fun stuff in my life with a large family,  and friends, easier.

Maybe I’ll go back to just sharing directly with them.    Maybe less of my friends will see and share with me.   But apparently you don’t think I’m sharing enough with them anyway.

UPDATE!  As soon as I hit ‘publish’ of my blog the FB world reopened to me.  Am I that powerful?   Probably not.  But I choose to pretend for a moment I might be.   Thanks FB for being my foil!

23 thoughts on “Dear Social Media World

      • lol!

        i have been toying with the idea of getting rid of my main FB page…got to many connections to my past a lot actually but then there are those that i don’t want lose the contact with…


        • I’ve toyed with the idea as well. No matter what I am doing on the computer (writing, reading the news, watching a video while riding bike) I have “FB” on and it can be distracting. I have at least started keeping it “off” when I’m trying to get more done. I vote for downsizing it. And don’t feel bad for protecting yourself by downsizing for your well being! 🙂


          • yes i have done that a lot and now mostly during the day i have it on my secret blog…there., there is no one to make me uncomfortable.
            problem is there is connections to connections…like in order to totally have my mother off of there, i would have to also have some of my friends off which she is friends with as well…is seems i can’t get away…i also have friends on there who have friended “bad guy” they don’t know it’s so complicated!


  1. I love this post. What a wonderful rant. Found you through Buckwheatsrisk FB page!!!! How ironic. I love your writing style. Thank you for expressing what many of us think.
    More power to you.


    • Thanks Kate! That silly Buckwheatsrisk, that’s the first thing she said…she was going to “FB this!” LOL. Thanks for reading and being so kind!


  2. So well, WELL said Colleen! FB has got SO much worse by the sounds of it.

    I used to be on it for the Scrabble – ONLY for the joy of playing Scrabble with people all over the world, & then I heard about the privacy thing & I just didn’t like it any more & it was out of my life, but aaaaaargh! If it reprimanded me for not posting to my friends and “friends” for two days – I’d scream at it!!

    PERFECTLY well said.


    • I don’t blame you. I have a lot of family connections on it. I love seeing the kids pictures and following their journey’s through high school and college. But it can be a bit of a burden as well. Nice tool, as long as the tool doesn’t become the master. 🙂 Thanks Harry!


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