13 thoughts on “There You Have It

  1. i’ve just spent the last two days along with another blogger dealing with a vicious narcissist…this blogger was attacking without mercy me and the other blogger….i was trying to help this poor lady in dealing with her…i wish WP had a way of blocking people who attack and attack…ugh!


    • 😦 I’ve never had that experience, but, I thought I saw another person talk about this on a blog. Can you google “how to block commenters on a wordpress blog?”

      I know on my site I can block specific commenters. You can go to your dashboard and set your settings so that all comments have to be approved by you before they show up on your site. At least that way your readers wont be exposed to someone’s inappropriate comments. Does that help any?


      • it could…it was on someone else site but i can pass along the me message to her…it has been awful but at least having to grow up with one, i could help her deal with it and with the help of Hubbers! this person has just been awful!

        Thank you!


        • I am pretty sure at the very least she can block the comments from being on her site. She can approve or deny any comment. I’ve had a pretty positive experience blogging, I’m sorry she’s having such a rough time.


          • sad thing is i had left a comment on her site and this person just decided to attack what i was saying and then she continued and continued to attack me and then the blogger who has this site, she is still going…i feel so bad for this poor lady, she is upset! i will let her know she can block the comments!
            this is a full blown narcissist/sociopath in action they just don’t quit…the only ways they will quit is if they get you to agree with them or if you ignore them long enough and then they will move on to the next victim…i think this lady is going to report her to WP.


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