Nothing But A Fence

I have a little house.  A very little house.

With a little yard.   A very little yard.

The little yard is next to a road.

A road too close to the little yard.

The yard that  will have little children playing in it.

As soon as I get the grass a growing once again.

I have a handy neighbor.

Who helps the handy husband.

Build a dandy fence.

A lovely picket fence.

They work all day to get it done.

So I can ride my bike tomorrow.

We sit and joke about which kid will be the first

To jump the picket fence.

Or throw the other one over.

8 thoughts on “Nothing But A Fence

  1. I’m sure the fence will give you some peace of mind when the kids are in the yard. From the height of your new fence you’ll have to have some pretty athletic children to jump that fence. 🙂 Of course I used to love jumping fences when I was a kid so expect it. Take care and ride safe.


    • Thanks BeechCK. I fear I will have to keep a very close eye on these wiley ones. Uhm…not to mention I may be tempted myself. 😉 Had a good ride today, 42 miles. Great way to spend a morning! Happy weekend to you!


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