I Am A Giver

I’ve always heard that if you are struggling for what to get someone for a gift, get them something you would enjoy getting.

Makes sense to me.

So I made  let my sister in law go on a bike ride with me for her birthday.

Great gift, right????

Personally I think it’s a great gift idea.  I would so love this as a gift.  So of course it’s a great gift to give someone else.  And I suspect it is the best present she got all day today!

And as an added bonus I am sharing this gift, the gift that keeps giving, with the world.

You’re welcome!

She’s pretty excited about this gift.  For real.

She is telling me how much she loves me.

Here we go!   She is SO pumped for this!

She truly loves this gift!

Yeah, well here she is getting the gift my sister “sent” her.  That’s right, a text.  Boasting about her being on the beach.  With wine.  Did she take Sister In Law with her?  No.  She did not.  I, however, did not go to the beach leaving Sister In Law behind on her birthday.  I gave her this fabulous birthday bike ride gift.

So I told her this was wine….

It was grape flavored.

Do you see what Sister In Law and I see in this tree?


Let Sister In Law give you a hint…

Regardless of what our birthdays say….  We.  Are.  Young.

So of course we had to climb a tree.

As an additional gift, I let her look cuter than me today.

I’m a giver.

And I let her pretend she is a classy biker.


I let her pick where to eat.

And one more gift.

I let Husband buy both our lunches!

I ‘m telling you, I know how to make everyone happy!

But the best gift today?

I got it.

We rode 25 miles and it felt like 2.

It wasn’t nearly long enough.

To spend with her.

Happy Birthday Sister In Law!

I will do twice as much for your birthday next year!


36 thoughts on “I Am A Giver

    • 🙂 Awwww Mustang.Koji!!!! Calling me out!! Technically, yes, it was stupidity. And when we stopped for the tree climbing that darn toe DID go in to spasms…. so it was kind of Karma wasn’t it? 🙂


        • Yeah, that stinkin’ Stoopidity sneaks up on me ALL the time!

          Thanks for the nice words Mustang.Koji, you are making ME smile now!!!! 🙂


  1. I can’t think of a better gift…spending time together while doing something enjoyable, sharing laughs, good healthy food while getting exercise. Two peas in a pod. How about next year a bicycle built for two? The two of you are adorable. Looks like a great time during a beautiful day! Great post!


  2. It was the perfect gift from a perfect couple. David’s a giver too! What a fantastic day! Went to the pool after and swam 400m…if only I could have run a 5k-it would have been a birthday triathalon! Instead….we had yummy blizzard! Thanks Brown’s for a great day!!!


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