I Anticipate Your Adventures

Grace O’Malley:   Mamo you will be sad when you here this I’m going to say.

Mamo:  what is it you’re going to say?

Grace O’Malley:  I’m moving to China.

Mamo (a little surprised that she would consider moving.   She is, after all, only 5):  why would you do that?

Grace O’Malley:  because Nana said someone else lived there.

Mamo:  who is it that lives there?

Grace O’Malley:  I don’t know.

Mamo:  when are you going?

Grace O’Malley:  I’m not sure.  But you’ll be sad.

Mamo:  yes I will.  Very sad.

Grace O’Malley:  guess where else I’m going?

Mamo:  where?

Grace O’Malley:  Disney World.

I hope these eyes see a very good world.

I hope she travels the world.  Experiences wonderful cultures with wonderful people.  I hope her travels give the world great impressions of Americans.   I hope the world treats her kindly.  I wish to live long enough and well enough to share some of her adventures.

I just don’t think I’m ready for her to go to China yet.

Maybe Disney World.