Just to help out the world at large I am going to share some very important advice.  Advice you would think I was old enough to know and put in to practice by this point in my life.

Apparently I am not very bright.

Quick back story.  It’s Husband’s birthday.  Friends and family and I gather with him to celebrate his birthday.

Local restaurant.  Busy night.  At one point one of us asks the waitress to take our picture.  As a small group we all gather around one end of our spread out tables and she gets ready.  Everyone opens their mouths to say “cheese”.

I, however, being in full spirit of the night’s festivities say “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”.

Waitress snaps during a chorus of “cheeeee”   and “HAAAAAAA”.   She looks at the picture and says “great picture”.

Lesson:  saying “Cheese” makes your mouth go in to a smile.

Saying “Haaaaaaaa” makes this:

I even gave the waitress a huge tip.

Then we returned home to a stifling hot, no electric, house.

To pull up Facebook and see the above image.

I give and I give.


It was a great night and worth it to look stupid.   Learn from me people, learn.