I’m Hot

Though I wish I meant this differently, I don’t.  I mean I am hot.  The temperature is 94 and it’s almost 9 p.m.

This morning it was 80 before 8 a.m.

So the best thing we could think of to do, was go on a bike ride.

Oh the hot air blowing over us as we expended precious energy to propel ourselves over boiling tar was of small reward.  And though I may exaggerate a little, at one point I thought the air was going out of my front tire.  I said to Husband “I think I’m getting a flat”.   He was riding next to me and said “no, the tar is just melting”.   Oh, well, that’s better.

We stopped under the shade of a road side tree that had not been blown over by recent storms to try some energy shots of gel shaped like blocks.  They taste exactly like those orange gel slices you buy.  The ones made to look like….orange slices.  Only these blocks were much more expensive.  Probably because of the block shape.  Though I think making something to look like orange slices would be more difficult and costly than making them in blocks.  What do I know.   But they were good.

So we only did thirty miles.  At mile 23 we stopped at Tim Horton’s.  I had my first Iced Cappuccino in I can’t tell you how long .  Not that you really care.  It’s just what I did.

But during my 30 mile bike ride I was thinking about today.  It being the 4th Of July and all.  And it being a great holiday for our country.  I didn’t come up with any brilliant thoughts or wonderful blogging stuff.  Just random thoughts that went through my head.

Thoughts like:

God, I am very lucky to be living here.

I still remember the bicentennial celebration.

I think I celebrated more when I was younger.

I am pretty sure the American Indians are not as happy about this day as us European descendants are.

I wonder what America would be like if the American Indians were still the only inhabitants.  Or, if when the rest of the melting pot arrived, they all melted in to the ways of the American Indian.

I wonder why some people out there “hate” America.   I know they do.  But I wish those who did, knew the Americans I know.  The ones I know are good and decent people who work hard and are dedicated to their families.  And have  no desire to harm others, or push our way of life on others.   But want the same respect in return.

I wonder how much damage to the world all of these fireworks are causing.   Maybe the fireworks really aren’t bad for the earth.  Maybe I’m just being ignorant thinking that.

I wonder if I should go to the fireworks tonight.   Does not going make me look like I don’t celebrate this day?

Criminy it’s hotter than hell out.

I know America and American’s have faults.   But I don’t know anyone else who doesn’t.   So why do we all keep casting these damn stones at one another.

I can’t wait to get to Tim Horton’s.   And I think I’ll have an iced capp and a bagel.

 To be honest with you I had many more thoughts than this.  Thirty miles give you plenty of time to think.  But I think some of them might have been a little hallucinatory and/or delusional because of the heat.

Happy Birthday America.     I had a great bike ride in honor of, or because of, your birthday today.

Please forgive me for seeming to focus on how hot I am.  There are much more important things.

But man, I am hot.