Dancing In The Front Yard

My new best buddy.  I met him today.  There’s a bunch more like him, I didn’t get to meet.  They were stuck up in the trees.

They were across the creek.

They were up in buckets.

He let me supervise.

My newest buddy and I talked a lot.  He had a heart attack in April.  He took a “whole week off”.   I asked if he felt better and he said no.  I asked if he wanted something cold to drink and he said no, they have plenty.  I asked if I could get him and his crew some milk shakes.  He said no thanks.  We talked about when he worked the hurricanes.  And the other storms he’s worked over his 42 year long career.  He told me his wife is wanting to go on a cruise.  He told me he once worked 7 weeks straight, 16 1/2 hour days, with no days off.  He finally told them he needed to go home.  I asked him if everyone is treating him well here.  He said yes, in Ohio.  Yay Ohio!  Some places in the past years haven’t been so nice.  But we here in Ohio   seem to understand that storms are not the doing of the electric company.

Go Bucks!  And BobCats!  And, sorry, all of you other Buckeye related names.  Yay!

He told us he would come back when the power came on.

Guess what?

He kept his word.

He waited until Husband checked the house, made sure it was working.  We shook his hand and went out to thank the other crew members.  I told them if it wouldn’t be so traumatic for them I would be dancing in the street for them.

They laughed.

So I went to the front yard to dance.

Woot!  Woot!

Thank you all of the American Line Men and Women who have traveled far, your families and everyone local who has pulled together to help one another and make this as easy a time as possible.

I gotta go back to dancing in the front yard!!!

Please ignore the brown yard.  We are stripping it down and building it back up.   Who cares!  We have electric!