Summer Of 48

Summer Of ‘48…Sounds so retro doesn’t it?   Probably because the last world wide ’48 was 1948 and that was 64 years ago.

But my summer of ’48 is current.  Happening right now.

I don’t want to wait until 64 years from now to appreciate it.

I want to relish the summer right now!

I want to appreciate the heat, the sunshine, the bike rides, the kids, the ice cream, the running, the front porch sitting.   I don’t want to miss a beat.

I want to feel the renewed thrill of biking as other friends newly fall in love with it. We rode 60 miles today  and  I started thinking again, yes, I can still consider  riding 200 miles in 24 hours.  Why can’t I?  I want to feel good about feeling strong and feel even better about not caring about a belly roll or two….or three.  Who cares?  Right?  I don’t want those belly rolls.  But come on!  I’m working on living as healthy as I can.  And my Summer of 48 I ride/rode hundreds and hundreds of miles.  Belly and all!  Daggoneit if this isn’t/wasn’t a great summer!  Well, I’m still in the midst of it.  Not waiting until I look back to love it.  I’m going to love it while living it.

So we drove to see the kids yesterday,  just to have ice cream.   What better on a hot summer day than kids and ice cream?

I’m finding myself spending the summer going fast.  So I’m making sure to stop for breaks.

Shoes off. Feet up. Ice Cream. Green Tea. Life is Great.

I’m finding the summer is full of things to do with lots of people.   Husband.  Friends.  Family.  There’s always something to do with someone.

My Buddy and Me.

So much so, that a little alone time is hard to come by.  I have to admit, I kind of like those moments too.


In the end the summer is full.  Life is never ending while you’re in it.  It’s a whole different matter when you’re not in it.  So I guess I’ll do what I can while I can.  So the Summer of 48 is going to be a summer to set standards for the rest of my life.  Live the next one as good as this one.