Call Me Sonic

How ridiculously simple am I?  Naive?  Easy to flatter?  Easy to manipulate?  Easily the most gullible I know.   Just ….. easy?   Sadly, I am, very easy to do all of these things to.

Oddly enough it happened three times today.  The same thing.

I was getting ready to leave work.  I had to go do some investigating.  That is what my work entails.   So I like to look….intimidating.    Though I don’t.   I can, but sadly, I usually don’t.  Well, unless I’m angry.  Be careful.  You don’t want to see me angry.  You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.   (Anyone know where that is from?)

I do have a very distinct ‘look’.  I’m about 6 foot 11 inches on my regular days (might be deceiving if you actually look at me, I may not appear that tall to you).  I have dark hair.  Spiked (unless I have a bike helmet on than I look like I have a 3 part mohawk).  There is just the right amount of silver sparkle in the front, but only on one side.

I always, stress always, wear my sunglasses when I am leaving work to investigate.

I go to the receptionist to tell her I am leaving the building.   There are 2 coworkers in there talking.  So I wait in the door way for them to complete their conversation.  At the window in front of the receptionist stands a man.  About 30 or so.   He has a pretty smile.  I look up and he is staring at me, with a smile, he crooks his finger and motions me to “come here”.  I put my finger up to indicate “just a minute”.   I did not recognize him and was frantically trying to recall if he was connected to one of my cases.  I am pretty sure I would have remembered him.

He spoke up over the heads of my coworkers and said “your my kind of woman!”

Me?  I indicate to him that I’m stupid by smiling.

He says, to me, “You”.  He laughs and jauntily jumps back from the window.

More stupidly I chuckled.  I said “thanks”.    I followed it up with “I think”.   Who knows what he thinks his kind of woman is like?    He steps back to the window and says “I certainly mean that as a compliment”.   Then he made some “hhhmmmm HMMMMM” sounds.   I have no idea if I’m suppose to be angry or not.  I choose not to be.  I will go with stupid again flattered.

My coworkers who had been talking look at me and he and one says “what did he say to you?”

I told her.  The other one just looked at me over her glasses.

I’m such a dork.

Yes.  Don’t judge me.  I was basking in the glow.

But I had to leave.

When I returned later there was another, younger man, at the entrance way to our building.   He and a young woman were trying to get people to sign their petition.  I asked him if it was about voting and he said yes.  I tapped it and said I had signed it last week.  He smiled and said thanks.  I kept walking.

He shouts out “you look awesome, I love your hair!”    I could be his mother.  But of course I turn to glow like an idiot again.

The young woman with him looked up and decided to join in the flattery.

“Oh my God!  I love it!  Check out them spikes!”

What could I do?

I thanked them.

Then wondered all day if my hair is that awesome.  I get conflicting messages.   Some people seem to think I look like a porcupine.  And after this picture of me carrying around a beautiful child on my shoulders at the zoo….

…..some thought it looked like a hedgehog.

Some people must really appreciate that look.



(The real hedgehog picture courtesy of