Call Me Sonic

How ridiculously simple am I?  Naive?  Easy to flatter?  Easy to manipulate?  Easily the most gullible I know.   Just ….. easy?   Sadly, I am, very easy to do all of these things to.

Oddly enough it happened three times today.  The same thing.

I was getting ready to leave work.  I had to go do some investigating.  That is what my work entails.   So I like to look….intimidating.    Though I don’t.   I can, but sadly, I usually don’t.  Well, unless I’m angry.  Be careful.  You don’t want to see me angry.  You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.   (Anyone know where that is from?)

I do have a very distinct ‘look’.  I’m about 6 foot 11 inches on my regular days (might be deceiving if you actually look at me, I may not appear that tall to you).  I have dark hair.  Spiked (unless I have a bike helmet on than I look like I have a 3 part mohawk).  There is just the right amount of silver sparkle in the front, but only on one side.

I always, stress always, wear my sunglasses when I am leaving work to investigate.

I go to the receptionist to tell her I am leaving the building.   There are 2 coworkers in there talking.  So I wait in the door way for them to complete their conversation.  At the window in front of the receptionist stands a man.  About 30 or so.   He has a pretty smile.  I look up and he is staring at me, with a smile, he crooks his finger and motions me to “come here”.  I put my finger up to indicate “just a minute”.   I did not recognize him and was frantically trying to recall if he was connected to one of my cases.  I am pretty sure I would have remembered him.

He spoke up over the heads of my coworkers and said “your my kind of woman!”

Me?  I indicate to him that I’m stupid by smiling.

He says, to me, “You”.  He laughs and jauntily jumps back from the window.

More stupidly I chuckled.  I said “thanks”.    I followed it up with “I think”.   Who knows what he thinks his kind of woman is like?    He steps back to the window and says “I certainly mean that as a compliment”.   Then he made some “hhhmmmm HMMMMM” sounds.   I have no idea if I’m suppose to be angry or not.  I choose not to be.  I will go with stupid again flattered.

My coworkers who had been talking look at me and he and one says “what did he say to you?”

I told her.  The other one just looked at me over her glasses.

I’m such a dork.

Yes.  Don’t judge me.  I was basking in the glow.

But I had to leave.

When I returned later there was another, younger man, at the entrance way to our building.   He and a young woman were trying to get people to sign their petition.  I asked him if it was about voting and he said yes.  I tapped it and said I had signed it last week.  He smiled and said thanks.  I kept walking.

He shouts out “you look awesome, I love your hair!”    I could be his mother.  But of course I turn to glow like an idiot again.

The young woman with him looked up and decided to join in the flattery.

“Oh my God!  I love it!  Check out them spikes!”

What could I do?

I thanked them.

Then wondered all day if my hair is that awesome.  I get conflicting messages.   Some people seem to think I look like a porcupine.  And after this picture of me carrying around a beautiful child on my shoulders at the zoo….

…..some thought it looked like a hedgehog.

Some people must really appreciate that look.



(The real hedgehog picture courtesy of

26 thoughts on “Call Me Sonic

  1. Next time you carry a child on your shoulders I’d make them wear safety glasses.. just to be on the safe side. 😉


    • LOL!!! For real. I had Husband read it while he was in the other room and he burst out laughing. 🙂 Good idea BCP!


  2. 6ft 11? Mercy me! No, you don’t look it from your pictures – you don’t…

    I do think any Mums can be scary though…We don’t particularly like to be, yet sometimes must be. I bet you’re great at it!

    SPIKES, Colleen? Do you use those really heavy duty hair gels?! I bet your hair is awesome 🙂


    • Awwww Noeleen, you flatter me! 🙂 Well, I am usually only 6’11’ in my head 😉

      I only use hair spray! I mess it up when its wet, spray it good, mess it up some more, spray it again. Walah!

      I’m thinking a mum protecting her young are likely more fierce than anything else!


  3. I think you are adorable! And I tend to bask in the glow of any compliment I ever receive, as well. 🙂 It’s a good feeling. And I love the spikey hair!

    And I knew that was the Hulk talking!! 🙂


    • Nicole Marie you made my day! 🙂 THANK YOU! I’m glad it’s not just me who is so happy to bask in compliments (that does NOT make me needy, right?). It is a good feeling, and who wouldn’t like that? KUDOS on the Hulk speak!!! *Summer Of ‘48

      Sounds so retro doesn’t it? Summer of ’48. Probably because the last world wide ’48 was 1948 and that was 64 years ago.
      But my summer of ’48 is current. Happening right now.
      I don’t want to wait until 64 years from now to appreciate it.
      I want to relish the summer right now!
      I want to appreciate the heat, the sunshine, the bike rides, the kids, the ice cream, the running, the front porch sitting. I don’t want to miss a beat.
      I want to feel the renewed thrill of biking as other friends newly fall in love with it. Riding 60 miles and thinking again, yes, I can still think about riding 200 miles in 24 hours. Why can’t I? I want to feel good about feeling strong and feel even better about not caring about a belly roll or two….or three. Who cares? Right? I’m working on living healthy a
      (Maggie cheated). Thanks for loving the hair. It is fun hair!


  4. It seems to me that your hairstyle is very fitting for the lifestyle you live. I don’t picture you spending time ‘fussing’ with your hair making sure it is ‘picture perfect’ — a good hairstylist, a bit of product and you are probably out the door. Lucky you! And, with wearing a bike helmet throughout the day, your hair and you still look beautiful! Me, on the other hand, at age 45+ decided to grow out my hair for the first time in 20+ years. Now, I can’t turn back. While I loved it short (like in my profile picture), I do enjoy something different. It’s your hair and you can do what you want to…I love the cut and the color! 🙂


    • Aww thanks Marsha! I use to wear my hair past my waist! But you’re right. I wash it, mess it up and spray it. Done. Don’t even dry it. How’s it going growing your hair out? I thought about it a couple of times, but I knew it would go through that “I can’t stand this stage” and decided not to bother. I do like the no fuss do! 🙂


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