Courteous, I Am

I choose to believe that cranky butt people I pass on the bike trail just don’t hear me when I joyfully call out “hi”, “hello”, “good morning” and they do not respond.  I keep it short.  Or I might wave and smile.  And those who do not respond….well, they just don’t hear me.  Right?  It’s not that I feel entitled to them and their pleasantries.   Uhm, but complaining about this kind of does make it sound like I feel entitled.  Regardless.   I do feel that as a whole society is better off when we are civil, kind and thoughtful towards one another.  Because why in the world would anyone choose to have no pleasant interaction with fellow human beings.   It’s not natural.  So, if I’m out pedaling about and I say hello pleasantly and they refuse to acknowledge me, than I choose to believe that they just did not hear me.

It is not  because they are:

1.  Rude

2.  Anti-social

3.  Elitist bikers/runners/dog-walkers/in-line skaters/eliptigo-ers

4.  Stuck up

5.   Better than me.

And it is most certainly not because I annoy anyone I pass because I say “hi” even if there are ten of them in a row passing me and I jovially say “hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi”.

I mean, that is not the problem.


I didn’t think so either.


14 thoughts on “Courteous, I Am

  1. Hi I am a friendly person who waves and says hi to strangers at times. I do think 10 in a row is a bit much 🙂 However, we can never know what others are feeling or going through. When I was on a palliative care team when my brother was dying, I doubt I would have even noticed you or heard you saying hi b/c I was in emotional hell. The world didn’t feel like a jovial ‘hi’ had any meaning some days. It would be nothing personal against you and I feel you should not judge me b/c I wasn’t capable of meeting your social expectations of me. When I wave/say hi and others don’t respond, I have always felt hurt in a slight way. I took it personal…until now. Thanks for making me stop and think about it!


    • Hi!! Thank you so much for your reading and response. I was kind of writing this “tongue in cheek” and trying to make fun of myself for being so annoying with my “hi’s”. I really don’t judge others who don’t respond to me. (My apologies because that is exactly what it sounds like isn’t it?) I am very sorry for the loss of your brother, I am sure your world was very ‘dark’ at that time. I do try to remind myself (whether biking or interacting with strangers in other capacities) that I do not know what that person is living with and I don’t want to be callous. Thank YOU for reminding me of this. I appreciate your feedback. 🙂


  2. I wave to every car that passes by me safely to give my appreciation for not hitting me. I also like to send out my gratitude for those few people that call their dogs off me before they drag me to the ground. The milk of human kindness drowns me sometimes. 🙂


    • I REALLY REALLY love the people who do not hit me or throw things at me. I, too, wave at them. This would probably be the only good way to be “drowning”. 🙂


    • 🙂 Thanks Chris, I hope a cheerful “hi” is something of a mood lifter, especially if someone needed a second of cheer.


  3. Hubby and I have this conversation all the time…we are wavers to all those we pass in cars, when walking, etc. I just do get why people seem to not want to be social. I did a post about this topic last year. Oftentimes a simple smile and a wave of a hand can make a person’s day go from dull and unpleasant to something special. Keeping spreading joy… 🙂


    • I agree. I do really understand other people are going through things and many possibly don’t even see me. I do hope that when I speak or wave it does bring a spark of pleasantry to someone’s day. Especially if they need it.


      • Oftentimes people have small devices in their ears that we can’t see…phones, music, etc. I am still surprised to be out and someone is talking on the phone, but you can’t see they holding the phone or see an earpiece. I am really old school I believe! Maybe the people who don’t say hi back really don’t hear you. I like to think the best of people…but sadly I truly do know it’s not always the case.


        • You’re right, it’s not always the case. But I get many many many more responses, whether it’s a smile or a conversation, than I do a reject or ignore.


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