Should Be

I should be…home scrubbing basement walls.  The first couple of stages of remodel are done.  Now we’re getting our new floors next week.   Before that I am suppose to scrub the walls and paint them with Dry Lock paint.  I don’t even know what that is.  I’m just taking my brother’s word for it that I have to do it.  Not that I want my brothers to think they can tell me what to do.  They can’t.  They aren’t the boss of me.  So I should be doing this before our new floors get here.

But I’m not.

Since starting to work 10 hour days and having Wednesdays off I should use today to clean the house.  Because it is filthy.  If I had any desire to show you how filthy I would take pictures.  But I’m too  lazy busy.  I should be dusting, sweeping, scrubbing bathroom stuff.

But I’m not.

I now have a birthday party I should be preparing for.  It will be outside.  My outside is full of what should be inside stuff.  But it’s outside because we are suppose to be working on the downstairs of the inside.  I need to clean up the outside to have the party on Saturday.  And I should be going to buy presents.

But I’m not.

The things I should be doing aren’t going anywhere.  They always get done.  There’s so many things that end up not getting done because of the things I should be doing.  So today I decided to do the things that always seem to take a back seat to what should be done.

I should learn to put my feet up and know it’s okay to relax.

He should always know how much I love being with him.

I should pay more attention to things like this than the things I pay for.

I should be so lucky to be this entangled with living.

I should appreciate the quiet and be comfortable with solitude.

Or learn that there are things that should be done, in addition to the things that I should get done.