If You Believe In Music

There’s a few things I believe in.   Without any doubts.  God and heaven.   And the power of music.

If music is this powerful here to so many of us….what is it like in heaven.

If we have the amazing gift of appreciating someone’s amazing skill here, what will it be like in heaven?

I know we can’t begin to fathom it.

To think of all of the music that has played out it’s time here.  The musicians, the singers, and the movement of our souls that they inspire.

Imagine them all, every one, together.

Mozart.  Elvis Presley.  Bach.  Johnny Cash.  Brahms.  Karen Carpenter.  Stravinsky.  The Everly Brothers.  Beethoven.  Patsy Cline.   Chopin.  Buddy Holly.  I can’t even begin to list here…I mean I tried.  But obviously it would take a year of writing to note all of them.

The list is endless.   And full of names we don’t even know.  The men and women who sang as they plowed their fields, raised their children, worked in the factories, drove their trucks, hunt and gathered for food.   The earth has heard thousands of years of music and song.  Most of them not ‘famous’ but just as beautiful as the ones we all recognize.

Imagine the people singing today that we love and live our lives to.

Picture the choir, the band, the singers.  The possibilities of the music in heaven is staggering.

If music has the power and ability, here, to lift us, encourage us, comfort us, guide us, ease us, fire us up…

What must it be like there.