Nun Of This

If you know me well, or read my blog, you may know I often thought of being a nun.   Come to think of it, if you know me well you may not know that at all about me.  I seldom talked about it.  If you read my blog, but really just skim it to see if I might be talking about you (always a good idea) you may not know this either.  I’ve only mentioned it a few times.

Just a funny little thing happened today.

I had to go out on an investigation for work.

While talking to a very jovial lady in her eighty-ish decade of life she said to me  out of the blue:

“You look like a nun.”

I said “I look like a nun?”

She said “well, it’s not that you look like a nun, you feel like a nun”.

I stared at her.

She stared at me.

I said “really?”

She said “yes, there’s something about you.”

I said “well, I use to think, quite often, about being a nun.”

Her face lit up in to smiles and she pulled back in surprise.  Which is how I felt when she said it.  I felt …. quite overcome.  With something.  I could tell she felt like saying “that’s right, I nailed it, I know all about you.”

Then we found out we were born in the same hospital.   A few years a part mind you.   But she loved the coincidence.   And she reached out to touch me.   Like we had some kind of connection.  I told her she knew too much about me already.

I told her she was freaking me out a little bit.

And she laughed.

But she really did.

Freak me out a little bit.




( To predict some comments:  no, I don’t know what a nun “feels like”.  She meant my aura.  Criminy.   And two, her “eighty-ish decade of life does not mean her eightieth decade, her eighth decade, putting her in to her eighties.) 

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    • I hope that’s what it was. It did feel “good” the way she said it. But I wish she could have verbalized it. 🙂


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