Not On The Sidelines

Happy Birthday To My Daughter!

I woke up at 5:45 this morning for you.   Funny how things change.  Twenty two years ago I woke up at 8:00 a.m., rushed to the hospital in time to be there 8 minutes before you were born.   Today I was getting up because of for you again.  You asked me a month ago if we would run in the Color Run with you and your cousin for your birthday.   Sure.  Why not.   At 5:45 I said out loud “why did we say we would do this?”     Husband says “we thought it was a good idea a month ago.”

It was still a good idea.  A great idea.  If I get up at 4:45 a.m. every other day to go to work why wouldn’t I want to get up early on my days off to live life a little different for a day.

My two goals today:  run the entire run even though I haven’t run in a month.  And not be dead last.   I am convinced I can reach this goal.  If I stick to it.  I would be running with my daughter and my niece.   Quietly I just kept telling myself….keep them in my vision and technically I would be running with them.

Second goal:  enjoy it!!!!!

All nine of us to start above.

Me and the Niece below.

Me and the Daughter below.

Little Man got a lift up to check out the mass of humanity every where he looked.  I have to say, the mass of humanity shared some love with the Little Man and took pictures of him from his lofty perch.

While we stood in the corral like the live stock we were willing to be someone got my attention.   And pointed to my feet.  Someone else was running in toe shoes!   Sweet.  I took a picture and told them it would make my blog.

Well wouldn’t you know the only other person I saw running in toe shoes was also a WordPress Blogger!   Here I am with fellow blogger “Life In The Bogs”.

Okay this picture  below does not really convey what I’m thinking.   I’m filled with joy because I am running, and not on the sidewalk. Not that being on the sidewalk was bad.  There seemed to be a lot of people out enjoying the fun of the run.  Whether it was the runners themselves or the people watching them.   But I was doing.  And this made me very happy.

I look pretty hardcore here.  Or something…..

My plan was going good for about one tenth of a mile.  I stuck with the kids.  Then they pulled away.   Then they were gone.  So I just ran.  I spoke to people who asked about my toe shoes.  I listened to conversations of people as I passed.  Not to be rude, I just couldn’t not hear it.  Thankfully it was all fun talk.

I kept an eye out to make sure the boys pushing the strollers didn’t pass me.  I had no idea where Husband was.

I passed people.   Not to be ego boosting myself, but I really was relieved I wasn’t limping along behind everyone else.

At one point a woman and a little girl ran past me and some other young women runners.  One girl said “we can’t let her beat us”.   Her friend said “yes we can”.   I agreed and we nodded knowlingly at one another when I said “she doesn’t have near as many miles on her as we do”.   The little girl might have been five.  I saw a lot of wee little ones running and I smiled at their effort.  And the adults taking the time to encourage them on.

I stuck to my plan and plod on through.  I was stopped twice when the entire mob I was with stopped.  I’m not sure why.  I think to get more color.   I, on the other hand, was planning on plowing through.  I knew if I stopped I would likely just walk.  And I didn’t want to walk.  I wanted to run.

There were A LOT of people having fun.  I did not see anyone who didn’t seem to be thoroughly enjoying themselves.


I saw big flags ahead of me, finally, and patted myself on the back for running the entire way.  There was a slight disappointment when I got there just to realize it was another color throw.   No worries.  I  plod on through.

I saw men, women, kids, all ages rolling on the ground in the color.  I laughed.  I dodged, as quickly as a plodder can dodge.  And ran right down the middle through it all.

Little man below made it in style.   He earned his colors!

Uhm……I don’t think so mom.   If that is really you.

Family fun.

Ha!  I love her look of disdain and barely there tolerance.

I was cleanest one of the bunch.  Running down the middle, sadly, kept you cleaner.  But it also kept me on my feet and running.

Not to brag, though I am going to, I finished first of the nine of us!  Somehow I had run past them all and was at the end fifteen minutes or more before any of them showed up.

I loved the fun.  These folks tried to photo bomb us but didn’t move quick enough.  So I took their picture for the effort in fun.

The Reds of the Family.

Trying to pull off the Warrior Princess look.




Goals reached.  I ran it.  I enjoyed it.  I wasn’t last.  I wasn’t the dirtiest.  But I was just as happy as the rest of them.   I so very much love life.