Evil, Wicked, Liar

Yesterday was a banner day.

I was called “evil”, “wicked”, “mean”, “rude”, and a liar.

I am pretty sure I’m not evil.  Almost positive of it.  I don’t feel satan-like.  I don’t wish harm on others.  Even when evil truly happens I don’t wish for more evil.  Because if wishes were real I would wish for the first evil to never have happened.

I don’t think I’m wicked either.  Though I do think on occasion I have a wicked chuckle.  But it’s done on purpose, and it’s done as a sound effect.  Never an implementation of wicked behavior or condoning wicked behavior.  And it’s usually only used in the safest of places:  with people who are laughing with me about something totally ridiculous.  And the totally ridiculous can be attributed to me, usually.  Or them.  If I’m wicked it is saved and shared with my friends only.   So I think you would have to know me to call me wicked.  And so far, no one I know has called me wicked.

I don’t think….

I suppose I can be as mean as the next guy.  Or girl.  Though I try not to be mean.  I do recognize that I am a sister, a mom, a wife, a friend, and I’m pretty sure along the years I have had a mean moment or two.  For that, I am sorry.  So maybe I could be called mean.  But again, I think you would have to know me to be qualified to say so.

Rude?    I don’t think so.

Liar?  Well, I try not to be.  I could come right out and say I don’t lie.  But then I would be a liar.  I have lied in my life.  So if I have lied, or still do lie, by admitting it does that make me not a liar?

🙂   Did anyone actually consider that to be possible, for even a second?

Banner day indeed.

Because after this fun filled day at work my friend tells me I am one of the most honest people she knows.   I get home to find an email from another friend that she loves me because I saved her a ton of money, but then she says she loves me for many other reasons!  And when I get home from work Husband has made me corn on the cob, one of the best green smoothies ever (no the corn did not go in the smoothie), bought me a department store bag full of bags of veggie chips.  And tells me he loves me.

I may be many things.  One of the things not mentioned on this banner day, is grateful.  I am very grateful for the good things in my life.  And all good “things” are people based.

And I will do my best to work on my evil, wicked self.


I hope your banner day was as good as mine!