Begetting Us Here

If you believe in Adam and Eve (I do) than aren’t we all related?  Surely you’ve wondered this yourself a time or two.   Or is it just me?  I just happen to believe there might be more that we don’t know about.  Maybe God had Zach and Dawn as well, and they just weren’t as interesting to write about.   I’m pretty sure God didn’t share all of His info with us.   What fun would that be, if we knew everything?


A few thousand years ago people were procreating.  Begatting and begetting.

So we, today, could gather and try to trace backwards all of the forward begatting.  And all of our tracing leads back to some one at some place.

I have seven brothers and sisters.  At one point we were all young, we all lived in the same house.  We spent nearly every minute of every day together.  Now, it’s near impossible to get all eight of us in the same place at the same time.  Sad.   But reality.   Now, the eight of us have twenty two children and grandchildren after us.  And the number will surely expand with more of our children becoming adult, having children, and the chaos goes on.  And on.  My children will never fully know my siblings like I do.   My children’s children may not know my sibling’s children’s children.  This makes me sad.

Before me.   My mother sat in a house with her eleven siblings.  My father in a house with his three siblings.  Before them, their parents came from different houses.  And their parents.  Now, I don’t have the relationship with my parent’s sibling’s children, nor do I know their children.  This makes me sad.

I think of how we eight used to be one unit.   Now we are fully eight separate units.  My two children who sat in my home.  They are now two separate units.  We keep dividing.  And going.

And there is a part of me that keeps looking backward.  Looking for those units that used to be.  Looking past beyond them.   To see units I can’t even put names too, let alone faces from long ago photographs.

All of these units were created, then separated, to fan out.  Grow out.

To get us to today.

All of that procreating.  Begatting and begetting.

Just so I could look back and wonder.  Picture.  Imagine.  Put together pieces of puzzles.  Sit with people who are children of people who used to sit together, in another time, another place, not knowing they were leading to us.


Their Family.

And mine.

My Family.

And theirs.

Our Family.
One and the Same.

We go back.  And back.

And come forward and out.

To come back.

Thank you, all of you begatters and begetters and procreators.   You have done a good job.    Because here we are.

34 thoughts on “Begetting Us Here

  1. This is fantastic, Colleen. It fascinates me NO END how we all go back in time. I could dream and dream and dream upon it. I once saw a family tree, my aunty had, and she laid it out on her table. I was fascinated, to be connected, you know. That aunty is now dead, and I don’t know where that family tree is. I love how you cherish your heritage.


    • Oh I wish you had that family tree!!!! Thank you Noeleen, I truly am fascinated by the people before me. THeir faces, their mannerisms, the way they lived. I am so curious. I know what you mean about dreaming upon it. I like that, the way you said it. 🙂


  2. Love these lines, “All of these units were created, then separated, to fan out. Grow out.

    To get us to today.” Well said, friend. I bet that begetting was lots of fun. But, Lord, there were 8 of you?! Your poor mother! LOL

    Happy weekend!



    • 🙂 Kathy I love it when you give me feedback on my writing!!!!! And yes, poor Mom, and HER mom had 12 kids!!!!!! I’m thinking someone must have enjoyed begetting. Happy weekend to you as well. Happy weekend to you as well Friend. c


  3. Your writing should be a spur in the side for someone to become the family historian. You will be amazed at what can be found through dogged (couldn’t find a way to work in “begat”) research. I worked on my family history on and with wonderful help from several key relatives, the history goes back to the 1600’s. I also found out I have a bazillion cousins.

    But your insight on “what went on back then leads to today” is so true. Genealogy is a study in “Case.In.Roles”. I know. Lame.

    Great reading…although I had to look up begat and beget.


    • Hahahaha!!! “Case.In.Roles.” That was not lame, but awesome!

      I have been working with my aunt and uncle, for years now, they have been working for years longer than I, on our ancestry and genealogy. I have a cousin who does the same. I have an aunt on my mom’s side who works on it, we’ve gotten together once for it but I need to commit to seeing her more often (cause I love her AND the genealogy). I find it fascinating.

      I have never heard of !!! Now I will check it out. We all have Family Tree Maker programs.

      I should warn you, I often take liberties with words. Begat and beget and then creating begatting …. it serves my purpose. And words should serve us when we need them. IF they do not I feel it completely appropriate to create and use how we need.



  4. Oh how I love family trees! My side has a small tree that I have trouble climbing since some of our relatives didn’t share their real names with the rest of us so we have little to go on. Jasons family tree is HUGE! I’m still scratching the surface trying to figure out who all of his bazillion cousins belong to! He hasn’t met most of them so he really doesn’t know, but for some reason, I want to!
    P.S. I love the very last picture on there of you laughing! Made me smile. 🙂


    • Thank you! 🙂 I think I look dorky, but like you I love the laughing. The tree climbing is fun, though sometimes you shimmy out a branch that looks strong and then it just ends. Oh well. Good thing it just keeps going in all directions. My family is pretty ginormous. So there’s always new places and people to meander through. I hope you do get to meet his cousins. What a great journey that would be!


    • A tip? I assume you have some access to historical records. When you do name searches, keep you mind open to spelling variations. For instance, my Grandmother’s name as well as my father’s (and aunts and uncles) were recorded in a bazillion ways. You will get a hit in some way, shape or form.


      • *Chuckle* we have come across quite a few different spellings of the names. Both here and in Ireland. Good thing we “hear” the ways it could be spelled. We have a good record here of relatives. And go back quite a few generations in Ireland. But, as is most often reported…once we go so far we’re told things were destroyed in “the” fire. It’s crazy how many “the” fires there were! 😉


  5. I come from a large family too, and we’re spread out all over the place now. I was thinking the other day how sad it is that my granddaughters will not grow up with a bazillion million cousins like I did, or get to know their great-grandmothers at all (both have died over the past few years).

    Wonderful post. 🙂


    • Thanks Robin. I know what you mean. The families are getting smaller and often spreading out. I think back a generation and see us all being together…and now not so much. Ah well…..


  6. I love how you use words. You’re my favorite “wordsmither.” Love your sketches too….they are always so clever and appropriate. Thank you for the focus on genealogy. I have years of collected family information. I’m one of eight children so as a family we have added a bunch of little ones to the family tree and it continues to multiply rapidly….I’m losing track of everyone since I live in Florida and most of the family lives in Ohio. Time doesn’t march on….it seems to race and can no longer keep up. Thanks again for your wonderful use of words.


    • Thank you Chuck Lee! I’m number 4 in our eight. My husband is number 4 in his 9.

      I love the discovery of names and historical information pertaining to family. I recently did a 23 and Me DNA tracking. I was thrilled I was 88% Irish (I knew this) but surprised about the South African and Finnish connections! Thrilled to know there is more to learn!!!!

      And the tree is expanding at a rapid rate here. Our family has grown tremendously in the 6 years since this was written.

      WHere about in Ohio ??


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