I Anticipate Your Adventures

Grace O’Malley:   Mamo you will be sad when you here this I’m going to say.

Mamo:  what is it you’re going to say?

Grace O’Malley:  I’m moving to China.

Mamo (a little surprised that she would consider moving.   She is, after all, only 5):  why would you do that?

Grace O’Malley:  because Nana said someone else lived there.

Mamo:  who is it that lives there?

Grace O’Malley:  I don’t know.

Mamo:  when are you going?

Grace O’Malley:  I’m not sure.  But you’ll be sad.

Mamo:  yes I will.  Very sad.

Grace O’Malley:  guess where else I’m going?

Mamo:  where?

Grace O’Malley:  Disney World.

I hope these eyes see a very good world.

I hope she travels the world.  Experiences wonderful cultures with wonderful people.  I hope her travels give the world great impressions of Americans.   I hope the world treats her kindly.  I wish to live long enough and well enough to share some of her adventures.

I just don’t think I’m ready for her to go to China yet.

Maybe Disney World.

19 thoughts on “I Anticipate Your Adventures

  1. I want to be selfish and not even share her with China. They would like her too much and wouldn’t want to give her back and then we would have another world war on our hands. I love her so much.


  2. Can’t argue with those eyes. 🙂 When she goes to Disney World she could swing by Epcot Center and get a taste of China as well. At least that is what it was called nearly 30 years ago when I went.


    • I would LOVE this. I haven’t been to Disney either. So maybe we could get an idea of exactly what would be more exciting!!! Give her a taste of the world and hope she falls in love with it. And the world with her!! 🙂


  3. Yes, Disney World is a great start for a little traveler, a place where she can learn how It’s a Small World (after all). (I shouldn’t have gone there. That song will be playing in my head for weeks now. lol!)

    How wonderful that she wants to travel. And how wonderful your wishes for her. 🙂


    • THanks Robin. I have that song puttering in my head as well. It’s better than “the song that never ends” by far! 🙂 I expect she will go far and do so happily!


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