I’m In London!!

If we’re lucky we all have a moment in life that shines.  A moment that is perhaps a reward for hard work.  Dedication.  Discipline.  A moment that lets us show off our talents.  Or make a magnanimous gesture.  Even if done anonymously.  A moment where our hearts are larger than our bodies for the love we experience, in giving love, or receiving it.  A moment in our life when what we do or give is bigger than we ever hoped to be.   I hope that everyone gets that moment.

And if we are incredibly fortunate and doubly gifted, others feel something of our moment.  Because we share it with them.  Because they celebrate our joy and our accomplishments.   Because we get to celebrate in their accomplishment.   We cheer for the best.  We hope the best belongs to us.

And sometimes they do.

To all of the athletes world round congratulations on working so hard to get to where you are.  To compete in a worldwide arena.  To show your skills as athletes.  And your class as human beings with your sportsmanship.  Congratulations for all of these phenomenal moments.

I feel as if I share that moment with you….

It’s as if I am there, a part of you…..

I Can Fly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

…….thank you.


Picture courtesy of MSN and My Editor Maggie

P.S.    I’m in London in spirit.

In case you didn’t get that.

18 thoughts on “I’m In London!!

  1. Through your natural ability and life-long training through sibling rivalry, you have earned the Gold Medal of Blogging (short version of our National Anthem playing). You have Stoopify’d us, Should-be’d us, N. Flu Enza’d us (thank for the fever), and スキプチン’d us to unbelievable heights… Continue! Onward! Just don’t get black carded!


  2. Yes, I’ve had those lovely moments too…never got a gold medal though! Full heart was more than enough, just as you say. Lots of love!


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