….is anyone out there?


I think my blogger is broken.

It isn’t because no one’s reading.


I don’t know how to fix it.

Crap.  Oh damnit, I hope no one heard me write crap.

Doesn’t matter.

The blogger thing is broken.

Now I have to go read a book.


43 thoughts on “Hello….Hello….

  1. What’s wrong…are your stats lower than normal? Mine are. Maybe my last post made people mad. I don’t know. Maybe people are busy…on vacation. Whatever the case…I am reading. Keep writing, keep blogging….the numbers aren’t what’s important…really.


    • 🙂 Thank you! I know, I need to remind myself that I write because I like to write. I wrote for many many years without ever sharing anything…. now I think I let those little numbers rule me. So I was kind of mocking myself for feeling like the numbers mattered. YOu are absolutely correct. And that is what I told myself, people are on vacation and working, and just busy with life. So that’s why I did the “hello hello” like no one was there. Which come to think of it, I need to go finish my TKD for the night. (But you know I’ll be back!) 🙂 Thank you M!!!! I need to stay grounded about this.


      • My numbers are down…really down. Don’t fret…look at it like this. I lost 65 pounds, a few pounds each week faithfully. Then I had my gallbladder removed and for one month I lost nothing. D E P R E S S I N G. Endocrinologist said it was my Cushings and my cordisol levels from the stress of the surgery. The scale didn’t move for a month. I was still exercising with my therapist, doing my approved aquatic therapy and believe it or not wasn’t eating much…my weight gain was from medication….not from overeating. Then…all of a sudden…I disrobed, closed my eyes, stepped on the scale…the sky cleared, the birds sang…and as I peeped with one eye slightly opened at the digital scale as I held my breath…I had in fact lost five pounds! So, dear friend, keep blogging and those numbers will keep increasing! 🙂


  2. I am here – late but here!! As my dad would say I am always a dollar short and a day late!! LOL You are so funny – your posts are such a blessing. 😀


    • I don’t really understand the “Blog Surfer”. Kind of but not really. If I “DO” understand it, you add your blog to this site. So there could be hundreds of blogs on there at any time. When someone hits that BLOG SURFER button on your own site, it rolls your blog to the top of the BLOG SURFER site. People who go to the Blog Surfer site can than browse through blogs and check them out. So it’s not that I’m really “ranked” as much as it is that every time someone hits a button to roll a blog back to the top, you get pushed further back. But you can put your blog back at the beginning of the roll by hitting the button again. It’s not really a ranking as a put your blog out there kind of thing.


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