Shipwrecked and Survival

I love adventure.  Some adventures I don’t plan on.  They just happen.

Like getting lost at sea.

It was horrible.

Possibly one of the most terrifying experiences of my life.   Have you ever been lost at sea, in a kayak?

Me either.

But there I was.  Paddling and floating along.  I started out with Husband close enough, near enough, safe enough.

We’d never been out on large open waters before in our kayaks.  So at first we stayed in the coves.  But apparently I wasn’t paying attention and the next thing I knew, he was no where around.   And I was out on open water.   When I say open water I mean there was no ending to the water.  That’s my interpretation of open water.  I don’t know what “open water” actually means.  But that’s where I was.  Open waters.  No end to all of that water.

I don’t know how many days I drifted.

It was horrible.

I became accustomed to the pulse of the earth from the rhythmic rocking of the waters.  At once they would lull me to sleep but then cruelly  jolt me awake with fear.   If I turned sideways I would capsize!

All I had was what was in my kayak.  In essence my life and my belongings was reduced to what sat at my feet in the kayak.

Which wasn’t much.  There was a towel in the green bag.  I had a cell phone for all the good that does you on the open seas.  It didn’t work.  No food.  My boat license.  Which nobody was around to check.  I could possibly eat the paper to survive if needed.  It was scarce.  My most valuable possessions were my wit, my strength, and my physical conditioning.

And precious little green tea in my bottle.  I’m being very cautious here.  Not glugging it as it appears I am.  The horrors of floating in liquid to be denied liquid.   I’m sure there are volumes written about this.

Finally I saw land!

Glory Hallelujah!

But between me and dry land, a chance to walk, feel the earth, possibly find food…


Lord help me….I prayed!

And quickly and quietly darted in to a cove.   To be well hidden.  But not a chance to disembark from my trusty kayak.

Hidden well within the boulders of the cove and yet,   to be further tormented by the bashing I would take if I went too near the rocks.

When again I felt safe I journeyed out to search for a safe landing of my vessel.

To once again be thwarted!   Would this suffering never end?????    Sea Monsters!

I was torn!  Do I paddle like hell to escape their slimy grasp and surely watery grave?   Or do I sit silently, hoping I was safe, avoiding detection without movement?

I paddled like hell I tell you!

To come across something I had not expected, and saddened me more than frightened me .   It appeared someone else had met a fate worse than mine (so far)….

At first I thought there was hope.   Someone else drifting, searching, hoping…

But as I pulled closer my heart sank.   No sign of life.  A fishing pole still standing guard, holding duty for it’s long gone master.

The cabin destroyed.  No life.  Nothing to salvage for that lost traveler.  Or this weary one.

Finally, finally and with no more hope or energy to spare I found refuge.   Land I could put upon.  Set foot upon.  Be grateful for.

I set up camp.

I checked and took inventory of what I had, what could help me, what could not.

Things that once held value were now worthless in my need.

Damn you cell phone provider!  Damn you!!

I scanned my new found world.  Barren of amenities.  Devoid of ease.   And pondered my predicament.

It was with fear, and I’m not ashamed to admit it, that I wondered what could come of my fate.   Could I sustain?  Could I muster the courage to face this way of life?  Alone.   With nothing but what I could do for myself.


I decided I wanted lunch.

So we packed up the car and headed to Taco Bell.


could have just written that we went kayaking at the lake we’ve been to a bazillion times.  What fun is that?

I decided to go on the ocean instead.  So I did.  And I can’t wait to tell the kids about it.

Besides, I have to go back to work tomorrow.  I couldn’t stay out on the ocean all day.


It’s fun.

49 thoughts on “Shipwrecked and Survival

  1. Perfect – let your imagination soar!! Montana is right you are “truly awesome!” Great post – and a great reminder not to take my self so seriously – to have fun. Time to “dance like no one is watching”! (I saw that quote today on another blog..I should have wrote it down because now I can’t find it – I am on intellect overload again 😉 )


    • You, and every other person on here are way too kind to me. What blessings to open up my comments and always see “smiling faces”, positive support and joy. I often dance hoping no one is watching and sing hoping no one is listening….but if they are…. that’s okay. Thank you so much! (And I love that quote as well).


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