Not Quite Classic

There are some things that I have absolutely no skill (I so badly want to put “at” at the end of this sentence and leave it) in doing.

But there are some things that when you do them at the right time, in the right setting, with the right people….make magic.

If I shouldn’t be famous for what you are about to see, the other one ought to be.   Maybe one day she will be.   But for now I will be content with loving this memory of this day, loving this child always, and for a moment I was great.  Fine.  I was great in her eyes.    And that is all that matters.

However, I respect you all enough to warn you:  it’s only if you really love me that you will appreciate this.  But, I truly hope there is something about this that makes you smile.  And hum or sing the rest of the day.  Or even chuckle at some not quite classic singing.


With somebody you love.


37 thoughts on “Not Quite Classic

  1. I love that child so much! She asked me today if she could go on a trip with me, Mamo, and Po and Liam in a stroller to the mountains. I told her yes. Make this happen. (She told me I needed to tell you)


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