Me An Artist

Mini road trip.
I have a difficult time sitting in a vehicle and doing nothing for three hours. Instead of going mind numbing (and butt numbing) crazy I can learn an entire new skill or craft. I can be whatever I want for three hours. I wouldn’t mind being a singer. But the Husband may have issues with that. So out of respect for him, I chose another craft.

So today I decided I would use my computer and become an artist.

Count your blessings, you are about to be stunned.





Okay. Never mind.
Artists, forgive me.
Three hours not wasted. Instead of becoming an artist it helped me determine I can rule it out.

Something important was accomplished here.

I will be on a return mini road trip on Monday. I may find my next great skill then.

I’ll keep you posted.

27 thoughts on “Me An Artist

    • I had no idea how to use the “paint” and copy, and save, and etc… Remember, I did say I was using computer to do that. All in all it did not fully occupy the three hours. I am sure if I had used three full hours to “just” paint you would be gazing at master pieces.


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