From Earning to Entitlement

I have absolutely no business talking politics.  I guess if “politics” is involved than we as the people are responsible for all of the changes made under/in the name of politics.

So instead I’m just going to ponder…

Why does our government, or any of it’s people, believe and support that people are “entitled”? I belive we as human beings should take care of those unable to take care of themselves. There are those of us who need the care, abilities and support of one another to exist. And we should do everything we can to provide this to those in need. I think we should help those who seek help and want guidance to being self supporting persons.

I don’t think we should have to provide for those who are unwilling but capable of providing for themselves.

As a governmnt why are we just giving things to people who refuse, yes refuse, to do for themselves?

If we have money to just give it willy nilly to people who will not work for themselves why is there so much talk about the bad state of affairs, debt and social issues that exist.   If, as a nation we are financially unable to manage our country-perhaps it goes back to allowing our people to not manage themselves. And not be responsible.

If people do not have a means to support themselves and provide for themselves but are capable then help them provide for themselves. How about building a huge farming community?  Provide basic and decent housing to people. These people can work the farms, sow, harvest and reap the benefits of their very own labor. Milk the cows. Raise the chickens and gather the eggs. If we have money to just give away then how about putting it to work. I bet there are more people out there willing to go live on a farm and feel proud about their ability to help provide for themselves than you would think. Hmmmm. I know not everyone thinks like me, but if I had absolutely nothing and I was hungry and was given two options:

1. Food stamps. Subsidized housing in a building that is known to be used as a drug post (both lab production and distribution all from the same little room right on the other side of my apartment). I don’t have to do anything. I don’t have to work. All I have to do is accept what others are giving to me. I expect nothing of me. You expect nothing of me. And, by the way, you abhor me.


2. Live on a farm. Get up in the morning with a purpose. Fill my days with meaningful work. Spend time with others who are able and willing to teach me, guide me. Grow, cook and prepare my very own life sustaining food. Spend time with my family teaching them the benefits of work. Learning how to provide for me and mine, and showing mine how to do for themselves. Learn how to “make”, grow, create, sew, produce, and flourish.  How much more respectable can you get, than to be a hard working, life sustaining farmer?

There’s no shame in having nothing. There’s no shame in being poor. And by poor I mean having very little money.

There should be shame in not being willing to take care of yourself if you are capable. As a community we have accepted that people don’t have to do anything. We have lost ethics and replaced it with entitlement. We have replaced earning with expectation.  There is a difference between “can’t” and “won’t”.

And on the flip side of that we have a multitude of people who want to feel valued. They want to know that what they do, and their very existance, has value. I know people who are ‘labeled’ MRDD/DD who value going to work every day and believe that what they do matters. Because it does. They know that what they do means something, firstly to them, secondly to someone else. I know men and women who have been forced out of their jobs and the work force due to their age. I’ve had men and women in their 80’s, their 80’s, ask me how they can get a job. Because they value the ethic of working and working well. There is a faction of our society that wants to work, and they haven’t an opportunity, so not only do they feel the world doesn’t value them, they begin to lose value in themselves.

Sometimes it just seems to me that there are a lot of jobs created to fix a problem that has only been created because a lot of people have jobs to define and allow this to continue. Jobs to make reasons for not working, when you can, an acceptable way to exist.

I know we have a multitude of problems in society. And I know I have a very simplistic way of looking at things and thinking things could be resolved easier. Maybe too simplistic. But there has to be a balance, and a better answer, than what is going on today. People do fall upon hard times, and a hand up is often needed. Assistance, compassion and charity are certainly  attributes we want in our society.

I don’t understand our willingness to let our values go.

We valued work, work ethics and ‘company’ loyalty.

We valued taking care of our family.

We valued our community and community members.

We valued what we had and tried to take care of it.

We valued longevity, not disposability, in people and products.

We valued dedicated employees.

We valued what was right over someone else telling us what to do.

We valued praise and appreciation for work done well and the people who did it.

 I ponder, I do, what we are doing to ourselves.   What we are allowing to happen.  And how we might change our values back.  Back to where dependability, determination, willingness to work, self respect, and earning are all valued.   And entitlement is questioned by those who don’t understand such a concept.