Lord, This Day Was Good, Very Good Indeed

We’re on our way back to our hotel and the song “Lord I Hope This Day Is Good” plays sweetly around my thoughts. And on the radio. Which explains why it was in my thoughts.

And it was. A good day, I mean.

I try to be mindful of my thanks every day. Today was no different. I don’t know that I’ve ever lived a day where I didn’t have something to be very grateful for. Some days I have to really pay attention.  Life and waking up is always a good one. Home. Food. Job. Security of some kind. Basics that many don’t have should always be given thanks for and not taken for granted. I am ever more aware of those who do not have these things.

But mostly, anymore, the things I find myself most thankful for are the people in my life.

I am fortunate to have family everywhere and all around. I have friends that fill my life. I have people in my life who I look forward to seeing, and who (appear) to look forward to seeing me. Sometimes I just think my life is complete. Full. I couldn’t possibly ask for anything more. It seems like there is no room for more.

Then I meet someone else.

And I know that there was a space in my life just waiting. Waiting to be filled by just them.

I love this picture. Even though I look like a Shar Pei.

Kathy from Reinventing The Event and Sarah from QueSereSara filled our day with beauty (and their art), their home, their community, and the excitement and good works of their lives.   So much good works, it will take a life time to hear it and appreciate it.  So we’ve started a little late….just makes us talk faster.  We walked the streets with them, does that make us ‘street walkers’?  Technically I suppose so.

It was another good day Lord, thanks. Thanks for the bike ride. Thanks for the good meal. Thanks, mostly, for the new friends. You are truly too good to me.

16 thoughts on “Lord, This Day Was Good, Very Good Indeed

  1. You have a genuine way of brightening my day with your completely positive, upbeat look on life…THANK YOU for that. You are a very gifted person.


    • Thank YOU Lori. You made my day. I hope you are getting to enjoy that pool. At least sit out there while you’re reading my blog! 😉


  2. Oh, it was a good day, indeed! I am currently wearing both bracelets, and Sara and I have each already used our mugs!

    It was wonderful to meet the two of you! I will write about it for my Monday post. I’m hoping I can persuade Sara to resume her cycling habit, so we can take some kind of biking trip with you all! I’m on my “bike” even as I type this!

    Have a great ride this morning–and lunch afterward! You both were so fun, had such refteshing energy–even though you claimed exhaustion.



    • The ride got rained out this morning, however, we did find a fun little farmer’s market to check out. And a few other things. Lunch was great. Now tell Sarah we are THRILLED we might have new bike vacation buddies! And I truly was exhausted. 🙂 I woke up this morning thinking it was about 6 am. It was well after 8. Husband pulled the black out curtains so I wouldn’t wake up. I’m glad you’re wearing the bracelets! Did you try the chocolate/mint tea yet????


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