Harry Or Waldo

I’ve never read Harry Potter.  I tried.  But I couldn’t.  Don’t know why.  Doesn’t matter.  I just could not read it/him/the series.   But who hasn’t seen him?  I had to go to the eye doctor today.  The one pair I was totally in love with was $500 for just the frames.   But I kept looking.  Perusing other frames, but knowing not to linger because I won’t be able to make up my mind.  Then I see a pair of glasses.  They look oddly familiar.  And I was oddly attracted to them.

I know what it is!  They are Harry Potter glasses.

So I try them on.

And then I share it on Facebook.

Unfortunately I’m not as witty as what I thought.

Because one friend said:    THERE’s WALDO!


If I Had Been Wearing This

Here’s the real Harry Potter.

Photo Courtesy Of This Poor Child’s Mother: Maggie

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32 thoughts on “Harry Or Waldo

  1. well Waldo where next?


  2. Nessie says:

    lmao ohhh Maggie cracks me up with what she does to that child!! He’s never going to forgive her. hahaha I still say Harry Potter.


  3. bikebrown says:

    I love the glasses.


  4. Babs says:

    Whoever: whatever: you will make them strictly your own. Some Wed could u come spend it with me???


  5. I wanna snuggle that baby!


  6. msampson999 says:

    My son is the chosen one!


  7. Kim says:

    Love the lightning bolt! Too funny!


  8. Mustang.Koji says:

    Harry Potter? Waldo? Wrong gender. That picture reminds me of………….


  9. Okay–choosing the most expensive glasses in the store as my favorite–story of my life. So did you get the Harry Potter glasses? I think they look great on you!


    • I didn’t. I actually didn’t see them until after the other ones were picked out. I had to get glasses that were not my first choice (the $500 pair), or second (the bridge wouldn’t sit on my nose) or third (they covered half of my face). But I did get a good pair. Just not the most fun, or most expensive. 🙂


  10. Pickng out a pair of glasses can be a time-consuming process, finding something that’s both affordable and looks good. And it’s always the most expensive ones that look best. ANd I NEVER, EVER make SWEEPING GENERALIZATIONS! LOL


  11. Are you sure???? You NEVER EVER do that? 🙂

    I know! After realizing the ones I liked would not fit my face, I put a pair on, they fit, did not fall off, and didn’t look horrendous. I told her to stop. I’ll get them. 🙂 Stopped myself from creating a dilemma.


  12. lexiesnana says:

    Hey,I couldn’t get into Harry Potter either,but I must admit I might have if he looked more like that baby.


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