Life, An Hour From Now

I’m trying out a life theory.   I’m trying to figure out how to get along, be nice to folks, and not blow my stack.   The latter of those things usually being the most difficult thing to control.   It’s a simple theory, really, if I can remember it and practice it daily.

Here goes.

If what happens to me, is said to me, witnessed by me will not have an impact on my life in one hour, one day, one week, one year, one decade, one century, I need to:




I’m still working on it.  It’s something that I need to retain.  Absorb in to my very being.   And act on.  Or not act on, as the case may be. I need to ask myself, will this thing I have witnessed, had said to me, had done to me, matter an hour from now?  Or tomorrow?  Or next week?  Or next year?

I admire the ducks of the world.  Ducks who let the water roll so easily off of their backs.  Those who can let the things that truly don’t matter roll off of their backs  and doing so  exist in a peaceful state of enjoyment, work, play and co-existence with others.

Life Theory of a Duck.

Dibs on the title of this theory.   I copyright it, right here and right now.  For all eternity.  And in one hundred years when this is being taught as a Life Practice, what I did here today, will have mattered.

So this is not something you should ignore.  It will make your life better in one hour, one day, one week, one year, one decade.   You should put it in to practice.  Today.


16 thoughts on “Life, An Hour From Now

  1. Wonderful writing once again. Your feelings and thoughts flow so eloquently from your heart to the keyboard… So what (insignificant a year from now) incident occurred to spawn this copyrighted piece?


  2. All easier said than done, but then you’ve more or less said that. If you view everything someone says to you as a message, assume that what they’re saying is true (even if it sounds like a pile of pooh), they maybe that water COULD flow off your back? View it as a learning curve in the wondrous journey of learning all about one’s dark side? Just putting it out there! Don’t peck at me with that long beak of yours.


    • Ha! No pecking from here! 🙂 Sometimes my interpretation is the “dark” side, that’s what I’m trying to avoid. Not putting my spin on something that changes it’s intention because of my hanging on to it. That’s why I need to work at it. It is a wondrous journey isn’t it! 🙂


  3. I’m with you on this one–so hard not to blow my stack. Almost as hard: not falling off my bike. I swear, my balance sucks! Sara does way better than me, but then she used to cycle semi-seriously, right?
    Good luck, my ducky friend.


    • Ugh! I dislike my blowing my stack even more so than falling when on the bike. Though most of my ‘falls’ have been animal induced. Sara does have super cycling experience. So I hope this means the riding goes on??? 🙂 (Chuckle on the ‘ducky friend’ 🙂

      Hugs returned! cb


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