God Bless The Toilet Scrubbers

There are some people in this world who are truly unappreciated.  Not only unappreciated, but not even given a second thought.

Have you ever gone in to a public bathroom?

Sure, try to avoid them.  But, it happens.  You need to “use the facilities”.  You are hours from home.  On the road or at work.  You have to.  You can’t pretend it isn’t a desperate situation when your fingers and toes start to go numb.

You walk in.  Immediately the gag reflex kicks off and you try not to hurl.   Or sometimes, even worse, you unsuspectingly open the bathroom stall door to something you never.  Ever.  In your lifetime.  Wanted to see.

But you did.

And you walked away.  As fast as you can.  Ignoring it.  Hoping to hell no one thinks it was you.

There is some poor soul out there who does not get the option of walking away.

To all of the toilet scrubbers and others who don’t get to walk away from the messes others leave behind…

I commend you.

I appreciate you.

I do not envy you.

You are strong.

You are brave.

You are valued more than you will ever know.

If you can do this, I want you beside me in battle.

I don’t ever want you as my enemy.

I respect you.

I fear you.

I thank you.

God bless you.

Every single day.

Be proud.

35 thoughts on “God Bless The Toilet Scrubbers

    • I don’t know how this comment got past me but I’m glad I came across it again. It sure DOES beat the outhouse and catalog days! Of which we use to have to partake when we camped as youngsters. Janitors, housekeeping and good toilets. Thank you all!


  1. Janitors,maintenance people,refuse collectors,emergency room personnel, safety resonders at crash scenes and the military. All critical and mostly ignored. We need reminders.


  2. Janitors, maintenance people, first responders at accidents, emergency room personnel, refuse collectors and the military. All criical and seldom acknowledged.We need the reminders.


    • I was a toilet cleaner myself, in a nursing home, private pay home making and business cleaning many years ago. I appreciate the work these folks do every single day. Even in my own house! 😉 I never really developed that anti gag skill though.


  3. I think they should be proud too – absolutely.

    When Daniel was younger & I worked for a sole practitioner (lawyer) who worked from home (who used to go to England & leave his keys with me in trust, to help me get stuff done) – he one day said he didn’t want to sound wrong or out of place, but would I be interested in cleaning “for the same rate of pay as being a secretary”. Of course!!

    I became his regular cleaner.

    There was a time later that he said he didn’t want to offend me or anything, but I am an “excellent cleaner”. I told Daniel that in later years, to demonstrate to him I have been (past) a legal secretary and a cleaner, and both I did with equal integrity and mind to task. Daniel asked WHY did Mr T think it would offend me to say I was a good cleaner? And I said “Exactly!” It’s because some people think cleaning is ‘lowly’. Well, I am fine to say I’ve done cleaning, phone sex work, writing, crouping at the casino & whatever whatever. Only thing I haven’t sold is my sex, and that’s for personal reasons.



  4. I have a great appreciation for those who keep the public loos scrubbed and clean. I’ve done that job. It’s no fun at all. Even though I no longer have to clean toilets other than my own, I do often wonder why some folks think it’s okay to leave a huge mess in a public toilet. I realize there are some things that can’t be helped, but I would at least try to clean up my own mess. At least I like to think I would. I haven’t been tested on that theory yet.

    Wonderful tribute to those who keep things clean for us. 🙂


    • Thanks Robin. I am also amazed at some of the messes others leave behind. I do remember reading a book once where a mother had brought her son for a cancer treatment. She had to go to the bathroom and when she did there was a woman in there very angry and disgusted. She had been waiting in the waiting area to discover she had sat in the ‘mess’ left behind. The mom told her that maybe instead of being angry about what she sat in, how about having some sympathy for the poor soul who was sitting out there, sick, and could not possibly be more embarrassed at not being able to hold their functions. They were, sitting in a hospital. I have total sympathy for such situations, which of course are not what I’m referring to. By working in a public bathroom I have seen completely abled, well and capable persons walk in to a bathroom and walk out leaving behind terrible and often disgusting messes. It is ridiculous what some people think is okay to do. I am with you, completely!


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