Kicking The Itchy Blanket Off

I read something the other day that has weighed on my thoughts.  It has kind of gotten twisted in my thoughts like an old, itchy wool blanket would feel if it got twisted on your legs on a cold night.  You want to kick it away and not have to deal with the itchiness of it.  But you know you need to deal with the itchiness because you need the warmth it will give you if you keep it on your legs.  Until you figure out to go put on sweat pants, or turn the heat up.   Or get a nice, soft quilt.  But if you’re half asleep and too tired to get up you deal with the itchiness by twitching.  Kicking.  Getting frustrated and not getting any sleep.

The idea of the comment just itches my thoughts.   And bothers me.  I was reading something somewhere and I read a comment.  I can’t even remember what it was I was reading.  I only remember the essence that I took from a comment.  Some one  had the opinion that an atheist or agnostic could not live a moral life because they would not have a compass or reason to live a decent life or the foundation for a moral code.  They had no reason to worry about long lasting consequences that would go with them after their death.   Remember this is the essence of what I took from a comment I read.  I’m itching about how I perceived it and how it has twisted in my head.

I read it twice and left it.

But it is still itching my thoughts.

I felt the comment was harsh and unfounded.

First, there are many religious and faithful people who have committed a spectrum of crimes and sins from the most petty of transgressions to the most horrific of offenses.

Their faith and belief in God, a Higher Power, or entity of another name did not stop them from committing a crime against humanity.    Or a crime against their faith or religion.   To be fair to the atheists and agnostics haven’t many atrocities been committed in the name of religion?

Second, it was referenced in some way that fear or concern for the after life is what gives people a reason to form a moral code for the here and now.

I guess I’d just like to take ‘religion’ out of this.

Can’t a person have a decent moral code based on doing things, and making decisions, that are based on right vs. wrong.  Based on kindness.  Decency.  Respect for others.  Based on living a very good life as a very good person because the reward for living like this…

….is living like this.

I don’t see morality and decency as exclusive to religious believing people.

I’m one of them, one that believes.  In something that other’s don’t believe in.  Or that other’s don’t agree with.

But my faith doesn’t make me a better person.  Only my actions make me the kind of person I want to be, or the kind of person I am.

I’m not saying my faith isn’t part of my moral code.  But I know of many decent, generous, kind and thoughtful human beings who do the right thing because it is the right thing to do.  Period.  Because the here and now is all they have, and they want to do the very best they can with what they know.  Which is them, here, and now, and what they see of themselves when they look in the mirror.

Just an itchy thought I had.