Truth Be Told

Have you ever taken a debate class?   My brother did years ago.  I can’t remember if it was in high school or college.  But I remember him telling me how he was assigned to take “a” position and debate it.   He “won” that debate.  Then he and the other student had to switch places and debate what they were just opposed to.  My brother won that debate as well.  Even after convincing everyone that the first stance he took, was the proper stance.  Whatever the debate was about.

So go politics.

Or part of them anyway.

I think the politicians are completely wrong in their handling of what they say about their opponent.

I would like to see all persons running for a public office have to tell the voters what it is about their opponent that they would vote for.  What it is, about your opponent, that you see as a positive in their handling of their community, their laws, their voting, their decision making.  I want to know what it is that politicians respect about politics and the people they need to work with.  Or for.  And no, they can’t then voice why they would not vote for the other.  I want to hear a clear message of the good things about who wants to speak “for” us, run our country, and “lead” us.

It’s difficult to choose an individual to vote for when all we know is what’s wrong with them.  By the politicians own voices and “approved” messages there isn’t anyone to vote for.

I want the best person for the job.  Not the person who has the most money.  Or the most influence.  Or the least amount of bad things said about them.    I want to know why I should vote for any of them.  If we shouldn’t be voting for them, how did they get this far in to running this great country?

Somebody, please, tell me some truths.  About politics.  If there are any.

19 thoughts on “Truth Be Told

  1. Attacks on candidates regardless of party or country cross the line when they become personal. A lot of innocents are hurt like the children. It disgusts me because it shows there are few good guys. Yes there are some who do not fight dirty and unfortunately they are always the losers.


    • I’m with you Chris. Anymore I feel like everything associated with politics and voting is “negative”. When the way it should be, we should be excited and looking forward to the freedoms that voting give us. It does not feel that way anymore.


  2. i’m so with you on that, i hate hearing them bash each other and probably spend millions doing so…how is that a good example to the generations to come, how is it helpful in any way at all??
    for the record i love debate!


    • Rocking horse crap???? Can I GET some of that??? Probably not since your comparing it to the promises of the politicians. Ah well…I probably didn’t need it anyway. And you can add that to your list! 🙂


  3. If you find the answer let us know and then write a book and make millions!! 😉 Sadly it has gone on since George Washington….you know the old saying if you don’t have something nice to say about somebody then don’t say anything….imagine the peace and quiet we would have right about now… 😀


  4. But you said it yourself, Colleen – the truth about politics is that there aren’t any! !

    That’s fairly radical – telling voters what they would vote for in their opponent… whoa, can’t imagine it!


  5. I love this idea. It’s brilliant! I am so tired of the negativity, and even find it stressful at times (especially with the phone ringing off the hook with robo-calls these days). Mitt Romney phoned today to tell me just how awful Barack Obama is, with a few lies thrown in for good measure. I know both sides are doing it. That was just today’s example. I thought about taking a vow not to vote for anyone who approves any negative ads for their campaign, but I realized that would mean I wouldn’t be voting. Now I’m thinking about taking a vow not to vote for anyone who has taken a vow not to do something (such as raise taxes) because, truth be told, I appreciate someone who can change his/her mind when all the facts come in and they realize they might have been wrong.


    • I wonder if those running for office really have any clue what it is Americans want from their representatives? It seems they really just want to pontificate what THEY think we want and then try to convince us of it. (How’s that for a fancy word? 🙂


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