A Day With The People

Today I spent the day meandering about the village.  Spending time with the people.  Be they of my court,  or peasants.  In my kingdom I provide for them all.  And all, provide together.

Peasant and I

It was a grand gesture for an entire world to be created for just my pleasure.  My sojourn in to their midst.  I appreciated their play.  Their music.

The Mud Show

Prepare Ye For Jousting!

I Will Win For A Queen (eh..not me but whatever)

Prepare them well.

Our hero on his way to perish his enemy!

Ye Champion Jouster!

I attended their shows of humor and death defying skills.  Their attempts at entertaining me were applauded appropriately.  With some shillings and pounds thrown their way if they evoked a laugh or a gasp of delight.

Tales of Laughter!

At once I was humbled by the courtesies shown.  The bowing and lowering of the eyes.  The gratitude expressed, and my hand taken in gestures of appreciation.  For being with them, for being one of them!

And stunned by the lack of respect as well.  I walk among the people.  I work with the people.  I am with my people.   When along comes a Queen who is not my Queen.  Her ways are not like mine.   And bow to her, I will not.

A Queen Indeed. But Not My Queen.

For I am a Warrior Queen.   And no other Queen is loftier, nor stands taller,  than I.

Many of the people dressed for their own pleasure.  And mine as well!


But today was not about the kingdom.  The hierarchy.  No battles but the jousting today.

Today was the people’s day.   And the people did well!  In their glory and finery they celebrated this stunning day.

Jesters Often Do Not Know The Time For Jestering. This Was A Serious Moment.

Knights and Fairies.

The Peoples


The Back End Of The Horse

His humble bow touched me.

Ah! Even The Trees Partook of the Festivities!

Wench and Kilt

Splendor from the Rear

Ah…but puffy men’s pants? There is joy in this!

It was a fine day.

A fine day indeed.

With my people.