Before Tomorrow Eleven Years Ago

Eleven years ago today.  Before tomorrow eleven years ago.  Life was different.  Some us were still naive.  Some of us had no idea, the level of hate in our very own world.   We weren’t naive enough to think there was so no hate, I mean, we demonstrated it amongst ourselves and towards one another daily, didn’t we?

Sadly, we still do.

But today, eleven years ago, we mostly did not know the level of anger in this world.

Towards us.

The regular people of America.

We lived and died in our own little worlds.  We worked, played and skipped or struggled through our days, unknowingly targets of something we didn’t even know we were a part of.

Eleven years ago today we had our opinions.  We had our lives.  We had the security of living in the safest place in the world.  But for the damage we did to ourselves.  For the most part we are generous.  We are giving.  We help where we can help.  Seldom asking, or even thinking, we needed help ourselves.

We lived in a place that the world poured in to, because being here, is good.

Eleven years ago today we did not know the level of sacrifice some of our men and women would give.  Some gave it without thought, some without even knowing they would be called upon.  We didn’t know the honor that many would die with.

We did not know the commitment to duty that fireman, policeman, clergy, strangers, and fellow human beings in this country had towards one another.

Eleven years ago today so many woke up and lived a normal day.

Not knowing that normal would never be, again.

Eleven years ago today we did not know the depth of hate towards us.

Eleven years ago today was the very last day of our innocence.

Tomorrow, eleven years ago, we will experience horrors like we never expected.

And tomorrow, eleven years ago, the world wept with us.  For us.

Eleven years ago today should be remembered.  Memories of eleven years ago today kept strong.  Think of those, who eleven years ago tomorrow will be gone.   But today, eleven years ago, they lived.  Among us.  With us.

But tomorrow….eleven years ago…

Tomorrow they will be gone eleven years.

Along with how we were.

Before tomorrow.