Make Up My Mind And Don’t Yell At Me It Makes Me Sad

The joys of living every day and chattering about it are that I get to take stupid moments of my day and tell you my version of it.  While someone else goes home and tells their world a completely wrong different version.

Just to let you all know, I love safety.  LOVE IT.  Nothing like staying safe and making it through another day intact and having hurt no one else and no one else hurting you.

Come to think of it, I spent the entire morning today (my day off) volunteering to teach self defense to girls in middle school.   Being safe is a very good thing to be.

Fast forward through the morning, teach some kids some things about being safe, see a beautiful child who sees me and yells “MO MO MO”.   Come on, if that doesn’t melt your heart.  I see a friend I have  not seen in eons.

Then I get in my handy dandy car to go home.  Life is pretty sweet.

I approach a curve where signs are posted :

Road Narrows


Road Turns In To Single Lane

Single Lane Ahead

You know them, the construction signs that warn us that there are people working on the roads.  I love the signs that say things like “give my daddy a break” on roadway constructions.  You got it little people, I don’t want to hurt your daddy or mommy either.

So up pop the lovely orange cones.  It becomes a bit confusing and I’m not even there yet.  Where is the flagger?  There is no flagger.  But the road suddenly is blocked.  I see the car ahead of me is continuing through, still no flagger.  I see two people standing in the middle of the road, in the intersection, ahead.  One has a sign holding towards me that says “SLOW”.   There is a “STOP” sign to my right, but it is in front of a car that is parked in the road.  I don’t know why it is parked there.  It is empty.  There is no one there.  The car is surrounded by orange cones.

The lady holding the SLOW sign is waving at what appears to be me.  The SLOW is pointed at me and her arm is in the air.  Where the hell are the other flaggers?   It’s an intersection with traffic coming from four directions.   All others are stopped.  I’m moving, the car ahead of me is moving.  The lady is still holding the SLOW sign at me.

I continue through.  Where I had gotten in the left lane to go around the cones and get in the “single lane” .  As I passed the parked car surrounded by cones but with no one near it, the two ladies (as I notice when I get there) are still there.  The one holding the SLOW sign is still holding the SLOW sign.  As I pass through the empty handed and ill placed and don’t know why she is there person yells “I TOLD YOU TO STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP”.




What the hell did I miss?

I yelled “she told me to goooooooooooooooooooooo” as I kept going.

Then I thought…. am I supposed to stop now?   What did I do?  Who was I suppose to pay attention to?  Why did she yell at me?  There was no moving traffic other than me and the other car in front of me.  Why are you yelling at me?  For the next 6.7 miles I fretted over having done something that could have gotten someone hurt.

I don’t want to hurt someone’s daddy.  Or mommy.   Or me.   Nope.  I really really like safety.   Remember?  I said that earlier.

So I fretted almost all the way home.  I felt bad.

I tried to recreate the picture of it in my head to see if I misinterpreted what I saw.  I’m telling you, I felt like a ….what ever a bad acting person feels like when they think they might of hurt someone.  If they have a conscience.  Which I do.  Okay, some bad people may not.  But I do.  So maybe I’m not a bad person.


I recreated the scene.  Just for you.   Take a very close look.  Because you tell me if I did something wrong.   This is a pretty darn accurate depiction.   Aside from the fantastic artistry it is also probably spot on to scale.

Almost as good as a photograph.

So whilst I was out and about living my day I apparently either infuriated someone, put someone in danger, or was an innocent partaker of a very poorly set up and managed road construction sight.

1.  If I infuriated someone (lady with no sign and apparently no purpose) I am sorry.  It was very confusing.  I was following what I thought were instructions.  I wasn’t trying to make you mad.

2.  If I put someone in danger I am truly and seriously  sorry.  I did not think I was.  It was very confusing which is why I was going slow (plus you had given me quite a few signs telling me to go slow, but “go” slow is much different than “stop”).

3.  If I am a pawn that you played very poorly in your set up today I would like for you to take a look at the scene above.  Analyze it and see if you could possibly come up with a better way to handle this situation.  I suspect I was getting yelled at by someone who was not where they were suppose to be, or others were missing from where they were suppose to be.  You should not have someone waving towards me with a SLOW sign towards me if you want me to stop.  Plus, yelling at me to stop, in a car, with all kinds of outside noise, I’m pretty sure I’m not going to hear you.  Oh, I did not.  I did not hear you tell me to stop.  Imagine that.  Nor did I read you telling me to stop.  You know, with the stop sign you did not have in your hands.

Actually number three really doesn’t matter but I left it anyway.   You yelled at me.  You made me feel bad (I’ll get over it but I reflect a lot).  When I am pretty sure if anyone was putting someone at risk it was you.   And just so you know, if I had hurt anyone because of the way things were set up it wouldn’t have mattered that you set things up so poorly.  I wouldn’t have been able to deal well with hurting somebody’s daddy.  Or even you.

Stay safe people.