Lives Are Changing In The Minute You Read This

I decided to write something brilliant tonight.

Then….I decided not to.

Instead you will get my sometimes insignificant and sometimes mind blowing thoughts.

Right now as I write this, and right now (which is after I write this) while you read this some things are going on.   Things we don’t know about.  Yet.  Things we won’t know about.  But we know.  I don’t know who these people are.  But I know it is happening.


People are shooting at one another.

Someone is planning a break in or robbery.  Someone else already has already broken in.

Some kid is smoking for the first time.

Some one else is sticking a needle in their arm for the first time filled with something that will eventually kill them, at the very least make their lives a living hell.

Someone is talking someone else in to having sex.  One of them will end up pregnant.  And they aren’t out of junior high yet.

Someone else is neglecting their child.

And someone else is neglecting their aging parent.

Someone is drunk,  and getting behind the wheel of a car.

Someone’s life will be forever changed because of the drunk person getting behind the wheel of a car.

In a chair, in a home, sits someone alone and sad.

Someone is saying good-bye for the last time to someone they love.


Someone else is welcoming a baby for the first time and giving their baby the first of millions of kisses.

Someone is tucking their newly adopted child to sleep in their home for the first time.

Someone is blowing out birthday candles and celebrating a milestone age.  Surrounded by loved ones.

Another celebration with new found friends as someone celebrates their first full year of sobriety.

Someone just finished their first day at a new job that they worked very hard to earn.

An Emergency Room staff just saved the life of a victim of a crime.

Someone gets their very first, and very sweet 16 kiss.   And someone else looks down bashfully, and reaches to hold a hand.

A couple of people just got married and are embracing for the first time as a married couple.

Someone is spending some of their free time helping an adult learn how to read and they are both learning something good.

A new resident is spending their first night in a nursing home, surrounded by new faces, the first hot meal in nine months, the first clean sheets in 2 years, and a gentle hand to help a shaky hand trying to feed them self.

A dance just finished between junior high children who will grow up, fall in love, and live happily ever after.

Some one is on their knees, praying for the suffering, the sad, the victims, the lost souls, and thanking their God for the good in the world.

Just imagine all of the lives that have changed since you started reading this.  I hope something wonderful just happened for you.