I have spent most of my children’s lives trying to scare them.  I don’t know why.  I didn’t do it to them as babies.  I do have some boundaries.  But as children, teen-agers, and this so called ‘adult’ stage of their lives I have laughed when I have managed to startle them. I am pretty sure one of them started it by trying to startle me.  As a matter of fact, I am certain of it.   Dibs.  I called it, so it is.  I might hear them coming from another room and I do nothing other than stand still where I am hidden behind a door and yell “BAAAAAAAAA”   or “HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” or some other non purpose sound other than to startle them.

It always works.

The best has always been when we are sitting quietly at the dinner table, or driving along quietly, and I just yelled quickly and loudly.  I think that is where my children learned to cuss.   Because I often read their minds when they said “DAMNIT MOM” but didn’t think I heard it.

They, on the other hand, haven’t quite managed to scare me yet.

But I thought they might enjoy that something did scare the holy crapola out of me.

Our neighbors are football fans.  No problem.  They put ornaments in their yard every year.  I’m used to them.  See them all the time.  Saw them all day today as a matter of fact.

It’s been a very busy weekend and I thought I would relax some by painting my picket fence. (Read:  sarcasm).  At least get an hour or so in before the not quite autumn sun heads down under.

So there I sit….

Green Smoothie and Painting. Multi-Tasker Master.

I have some tunes in my ears and I alternate between singing and sipping.  I think the runners and bikers prefer I be sipping.  Though I appreciated the one man being hauled down the path by two enormous dogs who said it’s too bad Tom and Huck weren’t around.  How can I not appreciate that?

I look over my shoulder to see if the neighbors had come out.  They have a habit of sneaking out to make fun of my singing  listen to me sing when I saw this looming over me:

He was coming after me.

I don’t know if the wind was blowing and put a little movement behind him but when I turned my head to look….there he was.  I was glad no one was out to see me nearly fall off of my milk crate perch and shout “oh sh#!”

I was mostly pleased my children were not there to witness the spectacle.

I think he was sneaking up…inches at a time.

(Please note these pictures were a post incident -recreation by Husband.   No Mamo’s were injured during the fearful events of the day.   But I’m glad I cussed instead of screaming like a girl.   There’s some comfort in that.)

FYI:    Tom Sawyer lied.